Kylie Jenner Top Rumor Of 2017: Married Tyga In “Secret Ceremony”

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Kylie Jenner Top Rumor

By Holly Nicol |

Kylie Jenner Top Rumor

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Life & Style started the year off with a cover story that should now leave the tabloid feeling embarrassed. Nearly 12 months after falsely claiming Kylie Jenner had a “secret wedding” with Tyga, she’s long split from him and is expecting a baby with boyfriend Travis Scott. Gossip Cop busted the manufactured report last January, and clearly it has not aged well since then.

Back then, the outlet claimed in a cover story that Jenner had tied the knot with Tyga. The magazine even had the gall to quote a so-called “source” as saying, “Wedding bells are ringing! Kylie Jenner and longtime boyfriend Tyga exchange vows in a secret ceremony.” The publication further asserted that the “small ceremony” took place at “Kylie’s festively decorated home.”

What’s more, the tabloid’s supposed “insider” maintained they “only invited family and a couple of close friends because they wanted to keep it very private. Kylie was trying to hold back the tears as she and Tyga exchanged vows.” Glaringly, however, the magazine didn’t mention when the alleged nuptials took place. Despite its phony tale of emotional vows and how her home was festooned, the publication’s cover story didn’t have any details because it was all one big lie.

Kylie Jenner Married Tyga

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At the time, Gossip Cop was exclusively assured by a source close to Jenner that they hadn’t married in a “secret holiday wedding.” And less than four months after we corrected the inaccurate article, Jenner and Tyga split, and she was later spotted with Scott at Coachella. Of course, Jenner is now expecting her first child with him.

Gossip Cop wishes in the coming year that outlets like Life & Style apologize for getting cover stories wrong. There was no basis or evidence whatsoever for the tabloid to have run that made-up secret wedding article about Jenner and Tyga. When it became abundantly clear that it was a false report, the magazine should have owned up to its mistake with a correction in a later issue.

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