Story About Kylie Jenner “Thrilled” To Spend Last Pre-Baby Days With Travis Scott Is Made-Up

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Kylie Jenner Travis Scott Last Pre Baby Days

By Holly Nicol |

Kylie Jenner Travis Scott Last Pre Baby Days

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A new story claiming Kylie Jenner is “thrilled” to spend the final days of her pregnancy with Travis Scott is completely made-up. While she’s obviously happy to have him around more now, Gossip Cop has learned the article itself is a fabrication, which is not entirely surprising since it’s from a website known for manufacturing phony stories about the couple.

According to serial fibbers at HollywoodLife, Jenner and Scott are spending some “much-needed time together leading up to her reported pregnancy” now that he’s taking a break from his tour. Amusingly, the untrustworthy outlet goes on to allege that this is a “relief,” considering “the endless rumors that have been circulating recently about the rapper not being there” for Jenner. Of course, it’s that same website that has been making up those “endless rumors.” Among the many tall tales Gossip Cop has busted recently was one in which the blog falsely claiming Jenner was alone and worried about her relationship status with Scott.

The site then quotes a so-called “source” saying, “Travis has got a few weeks break from his tour right now, so she’s getting to spend some time with him which is great.” The unreliable outlet’s seeming fabricated “insider” further contends, “It’s been super tough having him away throughout the pregnancy, but she knows that’s part and parcel of dating a musician.” We presume HollywoodLies, as it’s known, once again relied up its favorite source, May Dupp, who tends to state the obvious.

But let’s examine three particular phrases in the site’s concocted article that fully prove the website makes up fake news stories. The blog begins it piece by writing, “Jenner is overjoyed to spend the final days leading up to her reported pregnancy with Travis.” That’s followed a sentence later with, “As Kylie Jenner’s supposed pregnancy due date approaches, she and Travis Scott, 25, are spending some much-needed time together.” The outlet then ends its made-up report by asking its readers, “Are you glad that Kylie is getting some time with Travis during the final months of her alleged pregnancy?”

If the site truly had sources close to Jenner, which is does not, and if it had insight into her pregnancy and relationship with Scott, it would know for sure that she’s expecting a baby and not temper it with phrases like, “reported pregnancy,” “supposed pregnancy,” and “alleged pregnancy.” For that reason and others, it’s near impossible to believe HollywoodLies spoke to a legitimate source about the makeup mogul, especially when Jenner wants to stay out of the spotlight and is avoiding talk about her very real pregnancy with the media.

Still, Gossip Cop fact-checked the claim, and an actual Jenner insider assures us on background that the article is completely “made-up.” As noted above, the 20-year-old is obviously happy to have Scott around while he’s taking a break from his tour and spend their last “pre-baby days” together, but no one close to either star is feeding the often discredited website with information about their relationship. Jenner has previously warned her followers about that site, having once tweeted, “Don’t let em fool you.”

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