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Did Kylie Jenner really have "head-to-toe surgery" following the birth of her daughter Stormi to look like Kourtney Kardashian? That's the claim coming from one of this week's tabloids. But it's not Gossip Cop debunking it. Jenner herself says it's untrue.

According to NW, the new mom was "aiming" to imitate Kardashian's look, having undergone a "Killer Kourt-Over." In the report, a so-called "source" is quoted as telling the publication, "She loves how tiny Kourt is and wants to emulate her." In rather strange language, the alleged "insider" continues, "Of course, Kim [Kardashian] is privately seething that she's been ditched as her body inspiration."

The outlet goes on to contend that while Kourtney has worked hard in the gym to achieve her toned figure, Jenner had a "helping hand to start her slim down." The tabloid alleges the makeup mogul had a "tummy tuck immediately after giving birth to Stormi Webster," as well as CoolSculpting, a "non-invasive body contouring treatment used to reduce fat cell volume by freezing to tighten up other excess skin." Additionally, the magazine's unnamed and untraceable source maintains Jenner "boosted her booty, plumped up her pout and updated her breast implants."

But the article is provably wrong. For starters, the reality star gave birth to Stormi on February 1, and even though it's alleged she had a "tummy tuck immediately after giving birth," Jenner still had a bit of a belly in an Instagram photo she posted while holding her daughter on March 1. And as opposed to touting plastic surgery, a few weeks later a slimmer Jenner promoted a product on Instagram for helping to slim one's waist.

It would be impossible for Jenner to have hid a tummy tuck since she weekly (and sometimes daily) documents her life on Instagram, and she's been constantly posting pictures on the social media platform ever since Stormi's arrival. Notably, it can take six weeks to three months for tummy tuck surgery to heal before the swelling goes down. But, as noted above, Jenner regularly post images of herself, often in bikinis, and there wasn't a six week break in between pictures.

More significantly, Gossip Cop will take the word of Jenner over an unidentifiable and seemingly nonexistent tabloid source. Just two days ago, she said she wasn't going under the knife and most assuredly didn't mention anything about getting "head-to-toe" work done to look like Kourtney. While the reality star has admitted to having lip fillers in the past, in an interview with her sister Kim for the Evening Standard, Jenner revealed she won't undergo plastic surgery anytime soon. She said, "I feel like if it makes you feel better, and if that's what you want to do, I'm not against it. Right now I probably wouldn't do anything, actually."

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time Gossip Cop has corrected that magazine for spreading fake news about Jenner and plastic surgery. In February, we called out the tabloid for falsely alleging Jenner had liposuction after giving birth to her daughter Stormi. There was no truth whatsoever to that tall tale, and given the outlet's tendency to publish phony stories, we're not surprised by its latest piece of fiction.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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