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Kylie Jenner was "stiffed" by "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," according to a completely unsubstantiated report. The story alleges there was a "surprising twist to network negotiations" when the family recently renewed their contract. But the only "twist" here is this article was made up. Gossip Cop can bust these evidence-free claims.

As has been widely reported, last month the Kardashian-Jenners extended their contract with E! to keep "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" on the air for the next several years. Now the National Enquirer is asserting "most of the reality show cash [is] going to Kim, Khloe and Kourtney. But their baby sis, makeup queen Kylie Jenner, couldn't care less!" A so-called pal is quoted as saying, "Kylie's makeup company made $400 million last year, and she will be the first billion-dollar sister. Do you really think she cares about the money she makes from a little TV show?"

But "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" is hardly a "little" TV show, and no one close to her would ever dismiss it as such. The series may not bring in anything close to the viewership "Game of Thrones" gets, but the program is responsible for launching Jenner on her path to worldwide fame. And while the reality star does have a number of other significant ventures, continued appearances on "KUWTK" aid her career by playing to her fan base.

It is true that the sisters don't all receive the same salary. It's also true that Jenner isn't hurting for cash and has additional sources of income beyond the reality show. But how, exactly, was she "stiffed"? Tellingly, the supermarket tabloid never says. In actuality, she is getting paid in accordance with her family's agreement. She's not being financially cheated or snubbed in any way, so there is nothing to support the contention that she's been "stiffed."

In addition, there was no "surprising twist" to the negotiations with the network. Gossip Cop hears it was a straight-forward deal that keeps the two sides partnered for a long time to come. And E! wouldn't have anything to do with Jenner getting paid less than her sisters, anyway. As TMZ reported, the Kardashians' contract was designed so that the family decides how to divide the total pay-out, without the network determining how much each person gets.

So, to recap, there's no evidence to suggest Jenner was "stiffed" and nothing to prove there was a "twist" to the network negotiations. It seems like the gossip magazine just wanted to run a clickable headline on its website without having anything legitimate to back it up. While a Kardashian-Jenner insider couldn't openly discuss the details of everyone's deals, Gossip Cop was told no one got "stiffed." Of course, the Enquirer is the same outlet that a year ago ridiculously claimed Kris Jenner was replacing Kim Kardashian on the show with North West, so it's not exactly that reliable or accurate.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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