A story about Kylie Jenner missing the "spotlight" while pregnant is made up. The article maintains the star "can't wait to break the internet with sexy pics," even though she's still been sharing provocative photos on social media throughout her pregnancy. Gossip Cop can expose this manufactured report.

According to HollywoodLife, Jenner is "SO anxious to post revealing pics again" and is "counting down the days to having her baby and getting back in the social media game." It seems this tale was crafted because Jenner recently posted throwback photos on Instagram in which she's barely clothed. The snapshots made quite the splash, garnering more than 2 million likes and countless coverage from outlets across the globe. It would stand to reason, then, that Jenner still is in the "social media game," but the webloid maintains she's "itching to get back into the game" and is "looking to take back her crown" as "the undisputed queen of social media."

"Kylie can't wait till she gets her pre-pregnancy body back and she can start posting sexy bikini shots on social media again," a so-called "Kardashian insider" is quoted as saying, further claiming, "She can't help but feel she's missing out on life somehow. Being pregnant has definitely been way harder than Kylie imagined it would be. She's literally counting down the days till the baby arrives and she get back out in the spotlight again."

The site's supposed source adds, "Kylie actually looks great though. Her skin is glowing, her hair is glossy, and she looks beautiful, but she just doesn't see it." But here's what's really going on with these quotes. As Gossip Cop already reported, HollywoodLies, as it's known, is merely copying reporting from People when it suggests the mom-to-be is struggling with her body and hiding from public view. We pointed out in another story how the blog's article about Jenner struggling with her "pregnancy curves" was basically ripped off from the more reputable magazine.

And the references to Jenner having a pregnancy glow and shiny hair is not a sign that the online publication has genuine, specific insight on the expectant star, but merely evidence that HollywoodLies is aware of how pregnancy commonly affects a woman's appearance. Basically, the outlet's "source" is taking People's reporting about Jenner staying out of the spotlight and combining it with physical descriptions that would apply to any pregnant woman. That's what the webloid is trying to pass off as an "exclusive" scoop.

There's nothing really original here, and the site is wrongly making it seem like Jenner has completely disappeared from social media, because this article isn't legitimate. The same blog that spent months questioning whether the makeup maven was really pregnant is now just trying to appear in-the-know. But from what Gossip Cop is told, HollywoodLies remains stuck on the outside.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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