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A new story that claims Kylie Jenner is terrified of having a C-section that will leave her with a "nasty" scar after she gives birth is completely made up. Gossip Cop is told she's not scared of the possibility of having a Caesarian, nor is anyone in her camp sharing any details related to her pregnancy. The report is simply yet another fabricated tale from an outlet known for manufacturing articles about Jenner.

According to HollywoodLife, a site that concocts so much fake news that it's also known as HollywoodLies, Jenner is "nervous" about "needing a C-section and the scars that come from it." The often discredited blog writes how Jenner is "starting to have some worries" about her birth. "Kylie is nervous... she fears nasty c-section scars," a so-called "source close" to her supposedly tells the outlet. The same seemingly phony "source" explains that modeling is a big part of the reality star's life and "she does not want a big scar to prevent her from looking picture perfect."

The alleged insider continues, "[Jenner] is terrified of having more scars on her body," noting how she has a "major" mark on her "thigh from a childhood accident." But the same bogus "source" adds that while that scar is on her leg, "the thought of having a scar on her tummy is terrible for her." Apparently, HollywoodLies not only knows very little about journalism, but it's also not very strong with biology.

C-section scars are well below bikini and underwear lines and, if Jenner happens to have a Caesarian, no one would ever see it. In fact, numerous baby blogs have published articles about how bad C-section scars are and the answer in most instances is that they're nearly invisible. They're not across a woman's "tummy," as asserted by HollywoodLife's fake "source."

Of course, up until recently, HollywoodLies was so unsure about whether or not Jenner was actually expecting, even though it falsely claimed to have a source "close" to her, the untrustworthy site would only refer to her "alleged" and "reported" pregnancy. As everyone knows, Jenner has retreated from the spotlight and no one "close" to her is discussing her pregnancy. And yet the repeatedly disproven blog pretends Jenner confidantes are leaking intimate information about her.

But the site, which likes to sprinkle its fabricated articles with synonyms (rather than facts), including how she's "terrified," "nervous," and "worries" about her birth, is once again lying. In just the past couple of weeks alone, HollywoodLies has concocted false reports about Tyga and Caitlyn Jenner wanting to be in the delivery room. The outlet even wrongly claimed recently that Jenner was already in labor, but that was also untrue.

Much like those manufactured stories, the latest about Jenner being "terrified" of having a "nasty" scar from a C-section is similarly made-up. It's time HollywoodLies stops birthing fabricated articles about Jenner's pregnancy.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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