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In the past six months alone, Gossip Cop has busted a slew of inaccurate reports about Kylie Jenner. The stories have mostly focused on her relationship with Travis Scott, pregnancy, and birth of her daughter Stormi. Below are five wrong rumors about Jenner.

In January, Gossip Cop corrected HollywoodLife for falsely claiming Jenner had "major regrets" about getting pregnant with Scott's baby instead of having a child with her ex-boyfriend Tyga. In the article, the website's seemingly made-up "source" was quoted as saying, "[Jenner's] starting to think she made the wrong decision by deciding to have a baby with someone who is no longer present much in her life." The reality, however, was that Scott was very much a part of the makeup mogul's life but, like her, he also kept a low-profile during much of the pregnancy. After she gave birth, Jenner apologized on Instagram for disappearing, but noted she wanted to remain "private" as she carried her daughter. Jenner also released a video on YouTube that chronicled her pregnancy, and it became abundantly clear that she and Scott were in love and that he was very much "present" in her life.

In February, Star maintained Jenner was flying to Switzerland to get liposuction to help lose her baby weight. According to the tabloid's insider, "Kylie is very insecure about her weight gain and is looking for a quick fix." "If she has to fly to Switzerland to do it, she will," added the supposed "source." While the new mom obviously wanted to shed the pounds, she never flew to Europe to get liposuction, which is also readily available in California. Instead, she slowly but surely lost the pounds, which Jenner was happy to show off in photos of her in a bathing suit during her trip with Scott to the Turks and Caicos.

Two months later, Gossip Cop debunked Star again when it untruthfully claimed that Jenner wanted to change Stormi's name because of Stormy Daniels, the adult actress who alleges she slept with Donald Trump. "Jenner thought she had found the perfect name for her daughter Stormi, but now she's freaking out," asserted the magazine's unnamed tipster, adding, "Kylie is just beside herself" over the name choice. But the Stormy Daniels scandal that involved Trump's lawyer arranging for a payoff in exchange for her silence was reported widely three weeks before Jenner gave birth, so she was well aware of the "other" Stormy. And if she were really "beside herself," she would have changed the little girl's name. Instead, Jenner often refers to "Stormi" in her social media posts.

In May, Gossip Cop called out RadarOnline for falsely contending Jenner was "ready to move on" from Scott after the birth of their baby girl. A so-called "source" was quoted as telling the online publication, "[Jenner] is feeling totally smothered" by the rapper, who had been "trying to control her entire life." Almost comically, just days before the website's article was posted, Jenner was in San Francisco sans Scott, disproving the outlet's tale about how he doesn't give her "any freedom." And far from being ready to "move on," Jenner and Scott went together to the Met Gala, where they appeared very much in love.

Later that month, Gossip Cop corrected RadarOnline for a second time when it wrongly claimed Jenner was "bored" with being a mom. According to the website, parenthood was "cramping her teenage lifestyle." An alleged source was quoted as saying, "She misses the party scene [and] hanging out with her girls until 4 a.m." But as we pointed out, Jenner was happy to vacation with Stormi and Scott in the Turks and Caicos. If she truly wanted to go back to her "teenage lifestyle," she would have left her daughter back home with a nanny. The reality is Jenner is a "hands-on" mom and dedicated to her parental responsibilities. While the wrong rumors about Jenner will almost assuredly continue, Gossip Cop is here to separate the fact from fiction.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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