Kylie Jenner NOT Being “Forced Into Rehab,” Despite Report (VIDEO)

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Kylie Jenner Rehab June 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Kylie Jenner Rehab June 2015

(Life and Style)

Kylie Jenner is NOT being “forced into rehab,” despite a tabloid cover story that falsely claims her family is staging an “intervention.” Gossip Cop can correct the report.

According to Life & Style, a “lost and confused” Jenner has “turned to Xanax, cocaine, marijuana, booze and more to drown her sorrows.” The magazine blames the 17-year-old’s alleged issues on having to “grow up fast” in the spotlight, and accuses the “group she hangs out with,” including boyfriend Tyga and longtime pal Justin Bieber, of getting her into drugs.

“Now that she’s doing Xanax and coke with her friends, she believes it’s not that big a deal,” a so-called “insider” claims to Life & Style, describing Jenner as a “complete mess.” The article goes on to name-check various drugs, from molly and ecstasy to Vicodin and oxycodone, with which Jenner is supposedly mixed up, and the magazine alleges “the whole family is uniting to push her into treatment.”

A supposed “family friend” claims to the tabloid that Scott Disick, who has had his own addiction issues, “was the first to tell Kylie to get help” because she’s “heading down a very dangerous path.” But because Jenner has “no interest,” the outlet’s alleged tipster claims “it looks like she will have to be ordered to rehab.”

Well, Gossip Cop would like to “order” Life & Style to start delivering facts, instead of spreading sensational rumors, and twisting the truth by using an old photo of Jenner caught mid-blink to make it look like she’s drugged up (see cover above). Gossip Cop is told that NO ONE is “forcing” Jenner into rehab, and there are NO concerns about excessive drug use. Jenner herself even slammed the allegation in a new Snapchat video (see below). “I really don’t want to hear the f*cking ‘I’m on drugs,'” she says, “because, clearly, you don’t know my f*cking personality.”

Jenner’s frustration comes a month after she blasted claims that alleged she said she was “high as f*ck” in a viral Snapchat clip. “Sorry to disappoint everyone that thinks I’m this wild child,” the teen tweeted, adding, “Don’t believe everything you read.” Gossip Cop endorses that mantra.


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