Kylie Jenner “Regrets” Getting Pregnant With Travis Scott Baby Instead Of Tyga’s Is Made-Up

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Kylie Jenner Pregnant Travis Scott Baby Tyga

By Shari Weiss |

Kylie Jenner Pregnant Travis Scott Baby Tyga

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A story claiming Kylie Jenner has “major regrets” about getting pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby instead of Tyga’s is 100 percent made-up. No one genuinely close to Jenner would ever make such a comment. Gossip Cop can bust this shamefully fabricated report.

Throughout Jenner’s pregnancy, HollywoodLife has been trying to peddle a love triangle narrative involving her ex-boyfriend and her current beau. Of course, she and Tyga currently have nothing to do with each other, and she is expecting a baby with Scott in a matter of weeks. But earlier this month, the website tried continuing its manufactured storyline by alleging Jenner was “open” to a reconciliation with Tyga.

As Gossip Cop pointed out then, no one in Jenner’s inner circle would publicly speak about her wanting to be with one man while pregnant with another man’s baby. The notion is far-fetched and inappropriate, to say the least. The site is in similar territory with this latest piece, in which it’s claimed the “KUWTK” star is “having a case of baby daddy regret.” Readers are supposed to believe the blog has “EXCLUSIVE details on how she’s wishing she was having ex Tyga’s child instead of Travis Scott’s.”

A so-called “source close to the cosmetics queen” is quoted as saying, “Kylie is dealing with major regrets over her pregnancy as her due date quickly approaches. She is second guessing the biggest decision in her life.” This supposed source goes on to contend that the mom-to-be is “starting to think he she made the wrong decision by deciding to have a baby with someone who is no longer present much in her life.” But it’s readily apparent these purported quotes are concocted.

For example, no real person would say in conversation, “Kylie can’t help but wonder how things would be different if her baby was Tyga’s. She misses her ex Tyga.” The language structure there is completely unnatural. What’s also unnatural is for a parent to openly express regret about conceiving a child. Whatever Scott’s shortcomings may or not be, and regardless of whether his relationship with Jenner lasts, she’ll never regret that the romance produced her baby girl. Loving mothers do not regret their kids.

Yet HollywoodLies, as it’s nicknamed, wants people to think the expectant star is having someone close to her publicly say that she wishes she had her baby with someone else. That would be incredibly hurtful and offensive to her daughter, should she ever read this report. And if Jenner’s child was with Tyga, it wouldn’t be this one, who is just as much a part of her as she is a part of Scott. Any suggestion that Jenner is unhappy having this baby is hurtful and false, Gossip Cop is told.

The crux of these stories seem to be that the first-time mom doesn’t have a stable partner. But as Jenner gears up for childbirth, People just reported on Monday that Scott is “around and supportive.” They may not ultimately stay together, but there’s a reason credible publication are not making the same outrageous claims as HollywoodLies: The outlet is making it all up.

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Kylie Jenner regrets getting pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby instead of Tyga’s.

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