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Kylie Jenner doesn't refuse to donate to charity, despite reports. On the contrary, her philanthropic efforts have been well-documented. Gossip Cop can debunk these provably false claims.

Sister outlets Star and RadarOnline are running identical stories this week about how the makeup mogul is supposedly selfish and stingy, despite her wealth and privileged life. Both pieces begin by asserting that Jenner has a "glam squad on speed dial, a handful of houses and more couture than she can count... but to her, the concept of giving back and bettering the world is as foreign as her luxury cars." A so-called "source" quoted by both publications is quoted as saying, "She basically thinks people suffer because they don't work like her, and if they would just get a job, they would have what they need."

"[Momager] Kris suggested she do a fundraiser for single mothers and Kylie practically spit out her drink," alleges the untraceable insider. The purported tipster goes on to assert, "She just does not identify with struggling women at all and suggested maybe partnering with an animal charity instead." The magazine version ends with the tabloid editorializing, "Nice idea, Kylie, but remember: Dogs and cats don't buy lip kits!"

Star, deeming Jenner "klueless about charity," further asserts she Jenner "rather shop 'til she drops than help the needy," while the site similarly contends she "prefers shopping over charity work." Let's be real: Most people prefer indulging in retail therapy as opposed to volunteering somewhere or making donations. But both publications are 100 percent wrong in claiming Jenner doesn't do philanthropy.

In January of 2017, for example, it was revealed that Jenner raised nearly $500,000 for Smile Train, which helps kids with cleft palates, through a special edition lip kit. Jenner's partnership with Smile Train was even featured on "Life Of Kylie" last fall. After visiting a hospital in Peru, she commented, "It's amazing to know the money that I'm donating is actually doing something and changing lives."

Shortly before that, Jenner announced on Instagram a charity donation for her 20th birthday. It was later revealed that through money raised from Kylie Cosmetics, Jenner was donating $500,000 to Teen Cancer America. And for her 21st birthday this year, Jenner revealed via Twitter last week that she'll be donating to the Los Angeles chapter of Habitat for Humanity. While the amount is dependent upon proceeds from her lip kit sales, the size of the aforementioned donations show that Jenner has no problem giving away $1 million that she could've just kept for herself.

Additionally, in 2015 Jenner donated to Children's Hospital Los Angeles in honor of her 18th birthday, showing up with gifts to personally hand out to the ill kids. And in 2014, Jenner and then-boyfriend Tyga volunteered to feed the homeless the day before Thanksgiving. In fact, RadarOnline even wrote about her philanthropic endeavor at the time. (See screengrab below.)

Conclusion: Star and RadarOnline both claim that the "concept of giving back and bettering the world" is "foreign" to Jenner, but Gossip Cop easily found examples dating back nearly four years of the reality star donating both money and her time. It's unclear why the sister outlets decided to peddled a narrative that is so provably untrue by anyone with an internet connection, but it did make this fact-check rather straight-forward. Gossip Cop is awarding this bogus storyline a big, fat zero on our meter.


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Kylie Jenner refuses to donate to charity.
Saturday, August 18, 2018

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Kylie Jenner doesn't donate to charity.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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