Kylie Jenner Did NOT Say She’s “Pregnant On Snapchat,” Despite Report (VIDEO)

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kylie jenner pregnant

By Michael Lewittes |

kylie jenner pregnant


Kylie Jenner did NOT say she’s “pregnant on Snapchat,” despite a new report. Gossip Cop can easily debunk the claim.

Last Friday, the reality TV star uploaded a 10-second video to her Snapchat story showing a pregnant belly (see below). Someone is heard saying, “I’m so [expletive] pregnant.” Now, MediaTakeOut is “exclusively” reporting, “Kylie Jenner Is Claiming That She’s Pregnant On Snapchat.”

The webloid goes on to speculate it was only a matter of time before “pregnancy rumors would start.” But not only is the claim completely false, MediaFakeOut pitifully tries to cover itself by insisting it’s not clear “whether she was just JOKING or not.” Allow Gossip Cop to reveal what the site couldn’t.

Gossip Cop debunked claims that Jenner was several months pregnant in August, and the woman featured in the Snapchat video is clearly only a couple of months along in her pregnancy. Furthermore, not only is that not Jenner’s voice heard in the clip, but the outfit worn by the pregnant woman is completely different from the one Jenner is seen wearing only seconds later.

The pregnant woman is wearing a grey dress and fur vest, and in a Snap uploaded to Jenner’s story immediately after, Jenner is clearly wearing an orange shirt and grey cardigan (see below). Of course, MediaTakeOut has a habit of claiming things that aren’t really there. Just a few months ago, MTO falsely reported Jenner “exposed her breasts” because of a “wardrobe malfunction,” when absolutely nothing was seen at all.

Watch the Snaps for yourself below, and let Gossip Cop know what you think.


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