Kylie Jenner Did NOT Get Pregnant To Save Reality Show, Despite Report

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Kylie Jenner Pregnant Reality Show Ratings

By Andrew Shuster |

Kylie Jenner Pregnant Reality Show Ratings

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Kylie Jenner did not get pregnant in an effort to save her reality show “Life of Kylie” from getting canceled, despite a ridiculous report alleging the TV star is conceiving a child just to boost ratings. The bogus claim comes from a website known for publishing inaccurate stories about the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan, so Gossip Cop wasn’t surprised to learn it’s completely false.

“Baby To Save Spinoff? Pregnant Kylie Jenner Believes Unborn Child Will Boost Ratings!” blares a new RadarOnline headline. The accompanying article goes on to say E! executives were on the verge of scrapping Jenner’s series after the first season ended, but her newly-revealed pregnancy has convinced them to renew it. A supposed “source” tells the site, “Kylie was devastated by her spinoff’s ratings, and knew that she needed something big if she was going to get another season.”

The outlet’s dubious insider adds, “Many believe that Kylie’s motivation for getting pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby was to get back at Tyga, but that is not actually the whole truth.” But Gossip Cop looked into this outrageous conspiracy theory, and we’re exclusively assured it’s “nonsense.” Jenner isn’t bringing a child into the world to score a second season of a reality series, and the webloid’s assertion otherwise is absurd. The network has yet to announce whether or not “Life of Kylie” will return, but the reality star certainly didn’t get pregnant for the sole purpose of getting the show renewed.

Unfortunately, RadarOnline has fabricated several reports surrounding Jenner’s reality show, so we’re not surprised the site is now using her pregnancy to manufacture another bogus story. Earlier this month, Gossip Cop busted the webloid for falsely claiming Kris Jenner was “begging” the Kardashian sisters to promote “Life of Kylie.” Shortly before that nonsense, we debunked the outlet’s article about Kylie blaming Kris for the show’s allegedly poor ratings. This latest take on the situation is equally baseless.

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