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The new cover of Life & Style announces Kylie Jenner is "pregnant again." There is no evidence this is true. Below, Gossip Cop analyzes the story, and explains how readers themselves can tell this article was likely made-up.

The first clue something's amiss is the cover itself. It features the alleged quote, "I want Stormi to have a baby brother." A Google search indicates Jenner has never publicly made such a comment. But among the results is an unverified May story from Life & Style, in which the tabloid claimed Jenner "can't wait" to give her daughter a "baby brother." It seems that concept is now being repurposed for this pregnancy tale.

The second red flag appears in the second paragraph of the article inside the issue, where it's asserted "friends are buzzing" Jenner has "even more exciting news to share" in the wake of her Forbes cover story. The phrase "friends are buzzing" suggests these purported pals don't have confirmation Jenner and boyfriend Travis Scott are actually expecting again. Then, in a third sign that readers should be suspicious of this narrative, it becomes clear the magazine itself doesn't have confirmation, either.

"[Kylie] confessed to pals that she was trying for another baby just a couple of months after Stormi was born," a so-called "insider" is quoted as saying. By talking about what Jenner supposedly "confessed to pals," it's apparent this "insider" doesn't actually have firsthand knowledge. Indeed, in a fourth indication that this story is suspect, the untraceable tipster goes on to contend, "Now everyone's talking about how she's already showing signs of pregnancy."

Friends, of course, wouldn't need to speculate and talk behind Jenner's back about whether or not she's already pregnant again. They would know from Jenner herself. The same goes for any "insider" who truly had inside access to her world. Meanwhile, among the alleged "signs" that the reality star is expecting her second child, is that she's supposedly "craving" In-N-Out, like she did in her first pregnancy. But this is the fifth red flag: The outlet doesn't acknowledge that she's always been a fan of the fast food chain. There's readily available video on YouTube showing Jenner making a drive-thru run in 2016, well before her first pregnancy.

The sixth reason to be skeptical of this report is that an unnamed "source" claims Jenner has been "hinting that she and Travis have a huge secret to reveal." Well, just released on Tuesday was Jenner and Scott's joint cover story for GQ, the first time they've done an interview and photo shoot together. What's more is that the pictures show that Jenner has slimmed down from her pregnancy earlier this year, and certainly has no sign of a new baby bump.

The seventh indication that this is all a fabrication comes when the publication contends a "wedding is in the works." That doesn't jive with the tabloid's own previous stories. In June of 2017, Life & Style announced in a cover story that Jenner and Scott were "secretly married." Not only did Gossip Cop bust that false claim at the time, but we recently observed that a full year had passed without the couple actually tying the knot. Given this indisputable past lie, there is no reason for readers to trust the "wedding" claim now.

In fact, it becomes further apparent this allegation isn't credible when the magazine's purported "insider" goes on to waffle on whether Jenner wants the "wedding of the century" or is "considering eloping." That's the eighth red flag. The ninth and final sign that this story is problematic relates back to the cover. The front of the issue features the teaser, "Kris warns: He's using you for your money!" That quote, much like the "brother" one, doesn't appear anywhere in the actual article. Rather, buried in the piece it's alleged Jenner's mom is "worried" and "can't help but fear the rapper... could be using Kylie for her massive fortune." But Kris Jenner just expressed her support for the couple on Instagram, congratulating the pair on their GQ cover with the hashtags "#family" and "#proudmama."

In all, Gossip Cop's analysis found nine reasons why this cover story is not believable. Our breakdown can easily be replicated by any reader or fan, as our points are all based on information available on the internet. And whereas Life & Style relies solely on anonymous "sources" and "insiders," the proof Gossip Cop has presented is all transparent. There is no real evidence that Jenner is already pregnant again, and we truthfully don't know if she is. What is evident is that this claim appears to be made-up.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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