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A story claiming Kylie Jenner suffered a "pregnancy scare" three months after welcoming daughter Stormi was seemingly made-up. The allegation comes from a website that has a documented history of publishing falsehoods and questionable information about the reality star, and even she has called them out for it. It's also significant that no reputable outlet is corroborating the claim.

This HollywoodLife "exclusive" contends that just "several weeks after giving birth," Jenner "thought she was pregnant again." Notably, no specific date is given. The article's headline says "3 months after giving birth to Stormi." The introduction maintains it was "less than 3 months after giving birth to baby Stormi." And then the second paragraph asserts it was "only several weeks after giving birth to Stormi Webster." To recap: Those are references to three months, less than three months after and several weeks after. So, which is it really? One would think that if the site really had a "source close to Kylie," as it goes on to purport, it would be able to nail down the timeframe.

So, after not giving a clear date, the supposed snitch says in unnaturally expository language, "Kylie had a total pregnancy scare that really freaked her out." This alleged tipster claims while boyfriend Travis Scott, Stormi's father, was "super excited," Jenner herself was "totally upset over the idea of being pregnant again so quickly." The reason given? The "source" asserts the young first-time mom "has been so relieved to get her body back" and is "not ready to go through it all again so soon."

That's a curious contention, given that in February, the blog insisted Jenner didn't care about looking "hot" now that she's a mom. Now after contradicting that narrative, the outlet's alleged insider provides a solution to Jenner's pregnancy versus looking hot dilemma by contending the "KUWTK" star "quickly realized it was only a false alarm." That sounds awfully convenient. In fact, it's actually a typical tabloid move. The gossip magazines have a habit of making outrageous claims, but building in excuses to get out of the questionable scenario. It seems the online publication, which is nicknamed HollywoodLies for its tendency to make-up stories, is taking a page out of that playbook.

And just as it's strange that the site and its "source" can't give a specific date for this "pregnancy scare," it's odd that a number of other key details are missing. What made Jenner think she was expecting again? How did she break the news to Scott? How did she ultimately learn she wasn't really pregnant? Sure, this might seem like intimate information that shouldn't be for public consumption, but arguably so is this entire topic. What real "source close to Kylie" would actually leak a false pregnancy alarm to a gossip blog? Given that her family steadfastly refused to even confirm that she was pregnant with Stormi, it seems implausible someone in her inner circle would now violate her privacy in this way.

Another eyebrow-raising aspect of this storyline is the "source" claiming, "Kylie wants a lot of kids, but was far from prepared for it to happen again right away." In January, the website actually alleged Jenner regretted getting pregnant with Scott's baby. By March, the outlet was insisting she would not have more kids with him unless he proposed. Neither of these contentions are mentioned now. And Gossip Cop would be remiss not to mention that HollywoodLies even questioned last fall whether Jenner was "really pregnant" the first time around.

With this track record, why should anyone believe what the publication now claims? The site has given readers no reason to trust its reporting, and there's further reason to doubt its credibility since no reputable media has backed up its past or current allegations. Jenner herself even once told fans on Twitter about HollywoodLies, "Don't let em fool you." Given all of this, and that there is absolutely no evidence to substantiate this "pregnancy scare" story, it seems apparent this is nothing more than one of the website's many made-up tall tales.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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