Kylie Jenner: “I Pay For Everything” After Kris Jenner “Cut Me Off” Three Years Ago

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Kylie Kris Jenner Cut Off Financially

By Shari Weiss |

Kylie Kris Jenner Cut Off Financially

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Kylie Jenner says she pays for “everything” after Kris Jenner cut her off financially several years ago.

The 17-year-old is quoted as telling InStyle UK, “My mom [Kris Jenner] cut me off financially three years ago so I pay for everything – my car, my gas and food as well as my clothes.” The admission came during an interview about her fashion habits, and she notes, “There are so many outfits I bought in the past that I just think now are NOT cute – but there’s not very much I can do about it!”

But Jenner does give her manager-mom credit for influencing her style, even if she didn’t continue to pay for it. “I think my style is a little bit darker thanks to my mom,” says the teen. “There are a lot of skulls around her house and the furniture is mostly black and white. She wears a lot of black, too, and I think that’s definitely rubbed off on me.”

That’s not to say Jenner’s famous sisters haven’t inspired her as well. She explains, “I feel like I dress like Khloe on my down days and Kim when I’m going out.” And being on television has made the reality star all the more concerned with how she looks. “Sometimes I look back at myself on previous seasons of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ and think, ‘Why didn’t you let your hair down then, or put on something nicer?'” she confesses. “I think now I’m much more aware when the cameras are around and I do doll up a lot more.”

That applies to red carpet appearances, too. “I don’t get nervous when I’m having my photograph taken on the red carpet, but I am spending the whole time thinking about how the pictures are going to turn out, whether my shirt is too low, or whether my dress is the right cut,” she says. Just don’t expect to find Jenner in the gym. She tells InStyle, “I haven’t worked out in two and a half years. I’m living out my youth, not doing any exercise, and eating what I want, which is pretty bad.”

As Gossip Cop reported at the time, Jenner’s financial independence was a storyline on “KUWTK” earlier this year, when she was seen getting lectured by Kim about the responsibilities that come with owning her first home. What do you think of Jenner revealing she is not supported by her mother?


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