Pregnant Kylie Jenner was not "dumped" by Travis Scott, despite a report from the tabloids. Gossip Cop can confirm the couple is still together and bust this inaccurate story.

The wrong allegation is featured in the new edition of In Touch, where a headline blares, "Kylie's Heartbreak: Pregnant And Dumped!" According to the misinformed tabloid, Jenner's "fairy tale is crushed as the father of her child, Travis Scott, walks out." It's specifically alleged that the parents-to-be "recently had a fight about taking the next step in their relationship, and Travis dumped her."

"Since discovering she was pregnant, Kylie has been pushing Travis to marry her. But Travis isn't ready to walk down the aisle yet and said no. He's upset about her pushiness and stormed off," a so-called "insider" claims to the gossip magazine, describing Jenner as "devastated." The outlet's supposed source goes on to allege the rapper is "concerned about officially becoming part of the Kardashian clan and is terrified of being the next victim of the Kardashian curse."

The publication asserts Scott will likely "come back into her life at least part-time," presumably since they're having a child together. But "Kylie can't take the embarrassment of being walked out on while pregnant," the alleged tipster asserts, further contending, "She feels overwhelmed right now, but Kylie doesn't want to talk about it with her family." Yet somehow this "insider" found out what's supposedly going on and went blabbing to a tabloid?

That's hard to believe, especially given that this very same magazine similarly announced Jenner was "pregnant and dumped" on a cover published nearly two years ago. In that tale, she was supposedly expecting Tyga's baby but "facing life as a single mom at 18." Months later, the outlet made no mention of a pregnancy when it alleged Jenner was on the "rebound" with Scott Disick. Of course, Jenner was never pregnant in 2015, nor did she embark on a "relationship" with Disick in 2016.

It's at least true this time around that Jenner really is pregnant. But the rest of this narrative was manufactured just to put a sensational, fake news spin on actual real news. In fact, the publication even has a "Pregnant And DUMPED" line on its cover just to attract consumers. But readers are being duped. While Jenner and Scott may not go the distance, regardless of having a baby together, Gossip Cop can confirm that they're currently still a couple and jointly looking toward the future. Unsurprisingly, HollywoodLife already picked up the false information.


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