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Is Kylie Jenner really "pleading" with Travis Scott to ditch Las Vegas and spend New Year's with her? That's what a certain webloid is claiming. But Gossip Cop is told that not only is this story illegitimate, it's also not very accurate.

And it's obvious right in the very first sentence that this supposed "exclusive" was manufactured by HollywoodLife, as opposed to authentically reported with a genuine source. It begins, "'Pregnant' Kylie Jenner wants her BF Travis Scott by her side at New Years and not off partying with other women." Why is "pregnant" in quotation marks? And why does the site go on to refer to "the allegedly pregnant 20-year-old"? Because the outlet still isn't really sure the reality star is expecting. But if it had real access to her world, as it so often pretends, it would know without a doubt that she's with child.

So, HollywoodLies, as it's known, can't confirm that Jenner is really pregnant, but wants readers to believe it has a so-called "Calabasas insider" is divulging, "Kylie is pleading with Travis to be with her to ring in the new year. Travis has a DJ set in Las Vegas the night before New Years Eve and Kylie is urging him to get back to Los Angeles quickly after he's done." What's a "Calabasas insider"? Well, Calabasas is a city in Los Angeles County in which many in the Kardashian-Jenner family currently or have previously resided.

Why would someone simply in the same area know Jenner's feelings about her boyfriend's New Year's plans? They wouldn't. Why would someone simply in the same area go talking to a gossip blog about her personal life? They wouldn't. And in addition to the highly suspicious sourcing, the allegations don't even make sense. The aforementioned quote maintains that Jenner wants Scott to return to Los Angeles after his Vegas gig on December 30, but the online publication acknowledges that he's scheduled to be in Miami on December 31 for a New Year's Eve event at Liv nightclub at the Fontainebleau.

Given the short flight time between Sin City and L.A., it is plausible for Scott to travel to Jenner whatever time he finishes on Saturday night. But he still needs to get to Miami by 9 p.m. Eastern on Sunday for the Florida event. So how would Jenner "pleading" with Scott to ditch Vegas allow him to spend New Year's Eve with her? It wouldn't. For argument's sake, though, let's say the claim was that she wants the rapper to bail on the Miami gig to be with her in California when the clock strikes midnight. If Scott were to do that, he'd likely be in breach of his contract with Liv and forced to pay a financial penalty.

Whereas if he fulfills his commitment as planned, he'll be getting a hefty paycheck. And that money can help support their child next year when Jenner gives birth. So why would she be urging him to do something financially detrimental when he can follow through with his professional obligations to their financial benefit? It is true that while Jenner and Scott are both excited for their baby, she hasn't been happy about all the time they've spent apart. But just like she has a job, she knows he has one, too. And Jenner has known for some time now that Scott, like many artists, is booked for New Year's.

It may be disappointing in the short-term, but Jenner is looking forward to the long-term, with Scott not scheduled for additional events until March. Gossip Cop is told that no one really close to her told the site otherwise, which is why its claims don't make much sense and why the webloid keeps acting like her pregnancy is unconfirmed. That's many HollywoodLies stories in a nutshell: Illogical and unconfirmed.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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