Kylie Jenner Slammed AGAIN Over New Cornrows Photo – SEE PIC

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Kylie Jenner Cornrows

By Andrew Shuster |

Kylie Jenner Cornrows


Kylie Jenner is once again taking heat for posting a new Instagram photo of herself in cornrows on Wednesday. This comes on the heels of Jenner receiving criticism in July when she first debuted a similarly braided hairstyle. See the photo below.

As Gossip Cop reported last month, Hunger Games star Amandla Stenberg called out Jenner for rocking cornrows, accusing her of racial appropriation. Now, Jenner is similarly being accused of black appropriation by Twitter users, who are negatively responding to her latest cornrows picture.

A Twitter user named @pipi1414 took the opportunity to condemn Jenner while also mocking her recent milestone birthday, writing, “Hey now that @KylieJenner is finally 18, she can finally be accounted for her cultural appropriation!!!” A woman with the Twitter handle @darkRussianchik said, “Kylie Jenner once again sported corn rows *sigh folks never learn,” with her comment followed by a frowning emoji.

A person named @trumancath tweeted, “Why does everyone ignore Kylie Jenner’s blatant repetitive racist cultural appropriation because she’s pretty and famous, not coooool.” @maybeerachel believes that, “Kylie Jenner has done nothing for this generation except make cultural appropriation seem okay when it is 100% not.” Finally, Twitter user @animanim21 said, “kylie jenner needs to stop with the cornrows and take a lesson in cultural appropriation.”

Check out a bigger version below of Kylie Jenner’s Instagram photo, and tell us what you think about the controversy surrounding her cornrows.

Kylie Jenner Cornrows



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