HollywoodLife makes up so many fake news stories about Kylie Jenner that apparently it can't even keep track of its lies from one day to the next. In latest fabricated article, the site contends that Jenner was "pissed she had to miss" the Golden Globes because of her pregnancy, and she can't wait to give birth and "rejoin the party circuit" since she "loves being in the mix and the whole scene in general." That's interesting, because exactly 24 hours before, the serial fibbers at that exact same outlet maintained that after her baby is born, "Kylie has even talked about wanting to be out of the public eye permanently, and focusing fully on being a mom and businesswoman."

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It's precisely because of made-up articles like these that the site is commonly referred to as HollywoodLies. It simply manufactures one fake news story after another, many of which are contradictory, all while swearing up and down that its information comes from sources close to Jenner. But they're lying.

Basically, the genesis for this new completely concocted tale was that Kendall Jenner was at the Golden Globes on Sunday, while her pregnant sister was not. In the past, Kylie has enjoyed Golden Globes after-parties. With that as its background, the site then crafted an entirely phony article about how Jenner feels about missing the big bashes, quoting a seemingly fictitious "source." The reality is no one from inside Jenner's camp is talking to websites and most especially to one that's known for publishing lies about her.

The often discredited blog begins its new bogus report by first noting that while Kendall "hit up the Globes looking fabulous, pregnant Kylie felt majorly left out at home." The site then asserts how Kylie "cannot wait to go out again once she gives birth." As noted above, the outlet quotes an almost assuredly make-believe "source" as saying, "She loves all the fun that the [Golden Globes] parties can be, and she loves being in... the whole scene in general." The same phony tipster adds, "[Kylie] is very antsy to get out again... She knows that she'll be able to hit the town again in the future," but still she was bummed she couldn't join her sister at Sunday's parties.

Let Gossip Cop get this straight: In an article on Sunday, HollywoodLies' supposed "source" leaked how Kylie's talked about retiring from celebrity life and "being out of the public eye permanently." But by Monday, when the site was looking to post yet another story about her, suddenly its so-called "source" decided Kylie "cannot wait to go out again once she gives birth," because she loves being in "the whole scene"? If you don't believe Gossip Cop about how HollywoodLife just churns out fake news stories and contradicts itself from hour to hour, please refer again to the screenshots above.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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