Kylie Jenner NOT Sending “Marriage Message” To Tyga With “Engagement Ring,” Despite Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Kylie Jenner Marriage Message Tyga

By Shari Weiss |

Kylie Jenner Marriage Message Tyga

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Kylie Jenner is NOT sending a “marriage message” to Tyga with an “engagement ring,” despite a report from a clueless webloid. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the claim. One insider actually laughed when discussing the silly story with us.

According to HollywoodLife, when Jenner arrived in Miami on Friday, she was “flaunting” a diamond ring, and sending a “marriage message” to Tyga. Noting the teen was “showing off some serious diamonds on THAT finger,” the site writes, “But wait, we’ve definitely seen this ring before – when sources told EXCLUSIVELY that it was her engagement ring!” Of course, the outlet completely lied when it claimed Jenner was “secretly engaged” to Tyga earlier this fall.

And now that time has proven the bad blog wrong, its covering its misstep with more lies, just to continue the saga. HollywoodLife writes about the bauble, “After frequently being spotted with it, the ring mysteriously disappeared. Kylie hasn’t been seen wearing the beautiful band in months, but she pulled it out of her jewelry box for the [Art Basel festival] on Dec. 4. And it sure seems like Kylie wants it to be seen, boldly flashing the sparkler for cameras.”

“Is she trying to tell Tyga something by flaunting it again?” asks the webloid, further writing, “Perhaps, by now flaunting the same Cartier ring again, Kylie is trying to tell Tyga that he’s got to make it official before they can move back in together.” Oh, brother.

First off, as Gossip Cop has already corrected, Tyga was never living with Jenner full-time so this whole moving out/moving back in business is utter nonsense. Second, as stated above, Jenner and Tyga were never engaged. Third, the piece of jewelry is NOT an engagement ring.

Gossip Cop even asked one impeccable insider about the possibility of Jenner using the ring to send a message to Tyga, as HollywoodLies claims, and we were told, “Please!” Yeah, we thought it was ridiculous, too.

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Kylie Jenner is sending Tyga marriage messages.


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