Kylie Jenner NOT Struggling To Talk Due To Lip Fillers, Despite Claim

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Kylie Jenner Lips Talk

By Holly Nicol |

Kylie Jenner Lips Talk

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Kylie Jenner is NOT struggling to talk, eat and drink due to her lip fillers, despite a manufactured report. Gossip Cop can bust this claim. We’re told it’s “not true.”

“Kylie’s Lip Crisis,” reads an alarming headline in this week’s In Touch, which goes on to claim the reality star is finding it difficult to talk and eat due to her “famously plump pout.” A so-called “source” tells the tabloid, “She’s had so much lip filler that it’s hard for her to eat and drink and talk. Maintaining her perfect pout has its issues.” The magazine’s clearly ill-informed insider further contends, “[Kylie] has problems pronouncing certain words and letters, particularly B and W.” “She’s got a brand to protect. Beauty and image come first,” adds the seemingly made-up tipster.

Despite the ridiculousness of the outlet’s report, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to Jenner who assures us the story is 100 percent “not true.” Jenner is not finding it difficult to talk, nor is she struggling to eat and drink due to her lip fillers. It’s simply yet another unimaginative fake news story about Jenner.

Unsurprisingly, this is not the first time Gossip Cop has called out the publication for its seemingly fabricated stories about the reality star. In May, we debunked the tabloid for falsely alleging Jenner was on the rebound with Scott Disick following her brief breakup with Tyga. And shortly before that tall-tale, we corrected the magazine for wrongly claiming Jenner was “pregnant and dumped.” Much like those inaccurate articles, this latest claim is equally untrue.

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