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A new story about Kylie Jenner hoping Kendall Jenner has "supermodel babies" with Anwar Hadid was made-up. This is yet another example of a certain website trying to capitalize on a hot topic with inaccurate and phony spin. Gossip Cop can bust the bogus report.

In the wake of a photo surfacing this week of Kendall and Hadid kissing, HollywoodLife is claiming to have "exclusive details" on how Kylie "thinks they'd make beautiful babies together." Even though Kendall and Hadid have only been seen hooking up on one single occasion, the site claims her younger sibling is "already mapping out a future for her sis and her PDA partner." To add credence to this tale, the blog quotes a so-called "source close to the Kardashian-Jenner clan," who points out how happy Kylie is being a mom and contends she "can't stop talking to Kendall about having her [own] family too."

"Now that she is with someone as awesome as Anwar, Kylie [is] hoping that Kendall will finally settle down," claims this unnamed and untraceable snitch, who goes on to assert, "Kylie's way ahead of herself, but she's already talking about how gorgeous Kendall and Anwar's babies would look." The blog's purported tipster further contends Kylie "can't understand why Kendall is still single," and is "hoping Anwar will fix that." The outlet even editorializes, "The fact that [Kendall] was all over Anwar is a good sign that there might be more to come from these two."

There's a number of problems here. A kiss doesn't mean Kendall and Hadid are in a relationship, nor was she trying to convey a message to the public with their smooch. The grainy, blurry photo of Kendall kissing Gigi and Bella Hadid's brother was surreptitiously taken without their knowledge and obtained by TMZ. The site later reported that the pair "aren't dating or anything serious," which dovetails with what Gossip Cop learned on Wednesday: Kendall is completely single and not in a relationship with Hadid, so the online publication is completely wrong to assert she is "with" him.

Now look at this logically: Kylie would know Kendall and Hadid are not dating or any kind of a couple, so it makes no sense that some unidentifiable "source" close to her would tell a gossip site that she thinks they should have "supermodel babies." It's just implausible, especially considering Kendall said in a Harper's Bazaar interview earlier this year that she doesn't want to have kids "anytime soon." The 22-year-old Kendall echoed that in an April Vogue cover story, saying, "I am ready to wait. I want to have kids, but at, like, 28 or 29."

Given that she's been vocal about not wanting children yet, it's hard to believe her sister would be jumping the gun and urging her to have kids with someone she isn't even dating. Here's what seems to really be going on: The leaked photo of Kendall and Anwar received much attention from the media and spawned dozens of headlines. HollywoodLies, as the website is known, alone has peddled six separate stories on the subject in less than three days.

The outlet is trying to exploit the situation, and to capitalize on fans' interest and potential search traffic it has seemingly concocted a narrative focused on Kylie's reaction. But there's no proof she has actually reacted at all, and as detailed here, there's much indication this article was untruthfully made-up.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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