Kylie Jenner Takes Instagram Photo While Driving Car, Gets Slammed For Posting Pic

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Kylie Jenner Instagram Driving Photo

By Minyvonne Burke |

Kylie Jenner Instagram Driving Photo


Kylie Jenner posted an Instagram photo of herself driving on a highway in Los Angeles on Sunday, and now she’s taking heat for it. The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star is pictured behind the wheel of her Mercedes Benz with the words “Calabasas” written across the top of the image. Jenner captioned the picture, “Born & Raised… & I’ll probably die here.” See the photo below.

Immediately after the photo went up, the 17-year-old was slammed for taking a picture while driving. One fan commented, “Do you know how many people have died because of people like you? You are most definitely stupid.” Another wrote, “Just drive and put down the damn phone! This is why the age of licenses should be 21!”

However, some fans didn’t see a problem with the picture, and thought people were only criticizing Jenner because she’s famous. “It’s easy to take a picture of the road while driving. Lots of people do it,” one fan noted, adding, “And from what it looks like there’s not much traffic… I can’t even count how many girls take selfies while driving but people act like they do nothing wrong.” Another Jenner supporter posted, “Some people can still text. Call. And take pictures esp of the road because they are still looking at the road.”

Jenner has actually been in a few accidents. Last November, the reality star was sued for allegedly causing a three-car pileup after she rear-ended a vehicle stopped at a traffic light. Check out Jenner’s photo below, and tell us what you think.

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