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Kylie Jenner did not already have her baby, despite speculation fueled by a clueless website. Gossip Cop can bust the untrue story. The reality star is still very much pregnant.

On Thursday, TMZ published the first photo and video of a pregnant Jenner that have been captured in months. As has been widely reported, she's opted to lay low during her pregnancy. That means mostly staying at home and not speaking publicly, even once, about having a baby. It's expected her period of silence will end after she actually gives birth.

But HollywoodLife is suggesting she may have already delivered her baby girl. Does the site have solid sourcing to support that contention? Of course not. Here's the headline: "Fans Freak That Kylie Jenner Already Had Her Baby & Is Actually Postpartum In New Pics." Yes, this story is based on comments from random people on Twitter who are not reporters or have no personal knowledge of the "KUWTK" star's condition.

Still, the outlet asks, "Did Kylie Jenner already have her baby?" Referring to the video, the blog argues, "Her slow movement is consistent with postpartum because many women experience fatigue after their baby is born. Kylie's bump also appeared to be small." The online publication goes on to quote Twitter messages, such as one asserting, "I'm starting to think @KylieJenner really isn't pregnant or she already had the baby," and another that speculates, "@KylieJenner looks postpartum. The way she gets into that suv looks like she's in pain. I smell surrogacy for her sister."

To be clear, Jenner was not Kim Kardashian's surrogate. She used a gestational carrier with whom she was matched through a private agency. HollywoodLies, as it's known, doesn't bother pointing out this important fact. Rather, the website starts to back away from its premise by writing, "Although this is a very convincing conspiracy theory, Kylie is reportedly due in February or early March." But then it still ends its piece by asking readers, "Do you think Kylie Jenner has already given birth?"

It doesn't matter what people "think." What matters is facts and the truth. So here's a truthful fact or a factual truth: Jenner has not yet given birth. She is indeed due in February, something HollywoodLies would know if it actually had real sources. It's pretty amazing that the site has continually purported to have "exclusives" about Jenner throughout her pregnancy, yet is now referring to when she's "reportedly due" and wondering if it's possible she already gave birth. Clearly the outlet doesn't have inside access to the "KUWTK" star's world, otherwise it would know what month's she due and be able to confirm that she hasn't yet delivered.

It should also be noted that no reliable publications, such as People, are also speculating that she's given birth already. On the contrary, that credible magazine has made it clear that the 20-year-old is still with child. For example, on Tuesday, a source told the outlet that "Kylie is definitely ready for [the] baby to arrive" and she's "coming up on the end of pregnancy." And on Wednesday, it was noted that Jenner's family will "all support and help her once the baby arrives." That time hasn't come yet, despite how many random tweets HollywoodLies chooses to highlight.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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