Kylie Jenner “Hates” Her Body, “Desperate” To Lose Weight?

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Kylie Jenner Hates Body

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Kylie Jenner Hates Body

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Does Kylie Jenner really “hate” her body? A tabloid is claiming the young mom is “desperate” to lose weight due to physical insecurities. Gossip Cop can reveal how this article came about, and explain why it’s largely inaccurate.

“Kylie: I Hate My New Body,” reads a headline in the latest edition of In Touch. The story was inspired by a recent YouTube video in which Jenner addressed some post-baby body insecurities, such as stretch marks and the size of her chest. She admitted she had to get new clothes due to her changing size, but also acknowledged that she “bounced back super fast” from her pregnancy. But the tabloid is sensationalizing her comments and misleadingly focusing on the negative.

A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “She’s panicking and feeling frumpier and fatter than ever. She complains and says she wishes she had a body like Kourtney’s. Kylie is desperate to lose weight.” The magazine’s untraceable source calls Jenner a “perfectionist,” and argues she is “rarely happy” with her appearance. “When she looks at herself in the mirror, she doesn’t like what she sees. She’ll pinch her body and moan that she wants to lose weight,” contends the alleged tipster, who further asserts, “Nothing anyone says seems to make her feel better.”

Of course, to some degree insecurity and self-consciousness are relatively normal. And the reality star has already demonstrated that, contrary to this narrative, she’s not a slave to the scale. In April, for example, Jenner confessed she wanted to lose 20 pounds, but noted that wouldn’t stop her from indulging in a freshly-made roll with butter. Furthermore, the first-time mom has shown she has the confidence to show off her figure.

Just last week, Jenner appeared nearly naked on the cover of GQ with Travis Scott. In the accompanying pictorial, she flaunts her body in a number of provocative outfits, some of which Jenner shared on Instagram. And only hours ago, Jenner posted on Instagram more risqué photos in which she shows off her curves in bed.

It’s quite apparent that the outlet wanted to exploit Jenner’s YouTube remarks, but did so without giving readers a complete picture. Yes, Jenner did express some concern about aspects of her postpartum body, but she has also shown in other ways that she is not fixated on her appearance or “desperate” to shed the pounds. She also isn’t remotely hiding how she looks.

This is hardly the first time the publication hasn’t given readers the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Last October, the tabloid wanted fans to believe Jenner was “dumped” while pregnant, which wasn’t remotely true, and in May, the magazine peddled complete nonsense about Travis Scott supposedly not believing he’s Stormi’s dad. All of this indicates the outlet shouldn’t be trusted.


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