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Does Kylie Jenner want to "give up showbiz"? That's what an untrustworthy site claimed exactly one year ago today. Gossip Cop reported back then the story was untrue, and now 12 months later it's clear that article was (and remains to this day) completely false.

On January 8, HollywoodLife published a made-up tale about how Jenner wanted to "give up showbiz." At the time of its report, a nearly nine-months pregnant Jenner had been laying low. That seemingly prompted the blog to manufacture an article about how the makeup mogul wanted to no longer be a public figure or personality. And to make its concocted story seem legitimate, the often discredited website alleged it had a "source" who shared how Jenner wanted "to be out of the public eye permanently."

HollywoodLies, as its known because of its reputation for posting fabricated stories, further maintained Jenner was "retiring from celebrity life" following her "alleged pregnancy." As we noted 365 days ago, the fact that the blog wrote "alleged pregnancy," meaning it was unsure whether the reality star was actually expecting a baby, should have been a clue to readers the site doesn't really have insiders feeding it information about Jenner. If it did, the frequently debunked outlet would have known, like pretty much everyone else, that Jenner was 100 percent pregnant.

It bears mentioning, Jenner gave birth to her daughter Stormi just 24 days after HollywoodLies referred to her "alleged pregnancy." And once it realized the cosmetics queen was actually expecting, it then published a number of other bogus reports, including how Jenner went into labor and was giving birth a full 20 days before her baby actually arrived. Again, if the habitually disproven website truly had a solid Jenner "source," it wouldn't have made those errors.

In the intervening year since wrongly reporting Jenner was "retiring from celebrity life," the site hasn't gotten any more accurate or trustworthy. Just two months ago, HollywoodLife was caught making up another fake story about Jenner. After TMZ inaccurately claimed her father's house was destroyed by the wildfires that swept through California, HollywoodLies manufactured a wholly made-up tale about Jenner being "heartbroken" and "devastated" Caitlyn's home "burned down." In actually, Caitlyn's house had not "burned down," and so the premise behind the blog's article, and its accompany "source" quotes, were all fabricated.

Of course, far from "retiring from celebrity life, just three days after Stormi was born, Jenner posted a message on Instagram that read, in part, "I just couldn't wait to share " the news about her baby's birth. Jenner also posted a video on YouTube that day which chronicled her pregnancy and birth. Contrary to HollywoodLies' claim that she wanted to "be out of the public eye permanently," Jenner has remained on TV and has added literally thousands of photos and videos to her Instagram account for the public to consume.

As Gossip Cop has stated in the past, we sometimes revisit articles from one year before to help readers understand which outlets they can and cannot rely on for accurate information. HollywoodLies has shown over time that many of its reports are outright lies. That story about Jenner wanting to "give up showbiz" is just one more example.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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