Kylie Jenner Confirms She’s NOT Getting Married Two Days After Gossip Cop Exclusively Busts Tyga Marriage Story

Kylie Jenner Getting Marred

By Shari Weiss |

Kylie Jenner Getting Marred

(Life and Style)

Kylie Jenner took to Twitter on Thursday to tell fans she’s NOT “getting married,” but if you read Gossip Cop, you already knew that.

On Tuesday, Gossip Cop exclusively confirmed Jenner had not wed Tyga, despite webloids like HollywoodLife and the Daily Mail sensationally speculating about a ring on the reality star’s finger. Gossip Cop was told by an impeccable family insider that the rumors were “100 percent false.” Life & Style, however, either missed the memo or decided to ignore it.

On Wednesday, the tabloid’s new issue hit newsstands with a cover declaring Jenner a “teen bride,” and alleging she and Tyga had made it “official” with a “secret ceremony.” In the accompanying story Life & Style said that while Jenner would be “getting married to Tyga in a splashy TV ceremony,” the couple had actually “already” tied the knot in secret. With Jenner still underage, the magazine claims momager Kris Jenner gave her approval before the supposed nuptials, and even handled the prenup.

Life & Style filled out the rest of its story with alleged details about the televised wedding, from what Jenner will wear to how her sisters will be bridesmaids. The outlet even claimed she wants Caitlyn Jenner to walk her down the aisle against Kris’ wishes. But for the foreseeable future, it’s all just tabloid fantasy.

“Not planning on getting married anytime soon :),” Jenner tweeted point-blank on Thursday night, one day after the tabloid story was released and two days after Gossip Cop had already debunked similar claims. And this isn’t the first time Jenner has taken a Gossip Cop approach to the rumor mill.

Last December, Jenner fired back at stories from HollywoodLife, Star, and MediaTakeOut that alleged she was not only eloping with Tyga but also expecting a baby. “I’m not getting married & I’m not pregnant,” she tweeted, as Gossip Cop reported at the time. If and when Jenner DOES plan on marrying, it seems quite likely the vocal star will let everyone know.


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