Kylie Jenner Demanding Tyga Fire Hot Assistant Katherine Levchenko?

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Kylie Jenner Fire Tyga Assistant

By Shari Weiss |

Kylie Jenner Fire Tyga Assistant

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Is Kylie Jenner demanding Tyga fire his hot assistant? A report from the tabloids claims she wants the rapper to stop working with Katherine Levchenko. Gossip Cop looked into the story.

A headline in the new issue of Life & Style reads, “Jealous Kylie To Tyga: Fire Your Assistant.” The accompanying piece begins, “This help is way too hot! That’s what Kylie Jenner thinks about her boyfriend Tyga’s assistant, model Katherine Levchencko.” A so-called “insider” says the teen thinks Levchenko is “very beautiful, and she doesn’t like that she’s in constant communication with Tyga.”

It’s said “Katherine handles the rapper’s daily tasks, including picking up his dry cleaning and food orders,” but Jenner has “even caught Tyga texting Katherine late at night.” Now, the magazine notes, “Kylie isn’t about to risk Tyga and Katherine turning their business relationship into something more.”

“Kylie has told Tyga that she’s giving him a few weeks to fire her, or she’s taking matters into her own hands. She’s had it,” claims the publication’s supposed source, who adds, “Kylie doesn’t want Katherine to stay in her lane. She wants her off the road!”

But while Levchenko has been portrayed on “Kingin With Tyga” in an assistant capacity, Gossip Cop has learned the music star’s current assistant is actually a guy named Luke. Before that? It was a woman named Jessica, who is obviously not Levchenko.

In other words, this Life & Style tale is a non-story. That’s not surprising considering it’s the same outlet that has run multiple Jenner “pregnant” claims over the last two years. Clearly, the tabloid’s sources are dubious at best.

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Kylie Jenner wants Tyga to fire his hot assistant.


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