Kylie Jenner Distancing Herself From Family?

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Kylie Jenner Family Feud

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Kylie Jenner Family Feud

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Is Kylie Jenner really distancing herself from her famous family? A new report claims she wants to break apart from the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. But Gossip Cop can point to plenty of evidence that debunks this feud story.

Woman’s Day New Zealand announces in a headline, “Kylie’s Kissing Her Sisters Goodbye.” According to the magazine, the makeup mogul is “ready to go solo.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Kylie’s success has taken everyone, including herself, by surprise and it’s no secret that it’s ruffled some feathers.”

The outlet contends Jenner is “very aware of simmering jealousy from Kim in particular,” who has “accused her of cashing in on the Kardashian name.” It’s alleged Jenner is “dealing with the nastiness by keeping her family at arm’s length.” Claims the untraceable source, “Kylie can’t help but feel uncomfortable around them and there’s no doubt it’s damaged her relationship with her sisters.”

“She and Kendall used to be inseparable, but they lead very different lives now and often go for days without contact,” continues the publication’s alleged tipster, who further asserts, “Apparently Kim makes nasty jibes whenever they’re together, so she tries to minimize the amount of time she spends with her now.” The tabloid even maintains Jenner is “said to steer clear of the entire Kardashian clan as much as possible during her day-to-day life.”

But there is a lot of proof that Jenner isn’t in a rift with any of sisters. Just days ago, it was revealed that Kendall interviewed Jenner for a Vogue Australia cover story, and their bond was on display throughout the chat. Meanwhile, two weeks ago, Jenner said on Twitter how “happy” she was that Kim was watching “The Handmaid’s Tale.” And as opposed to being “jealous” of her youngest sibling, in the month of July Kim twice defended Jenner’s success.

The soon-to-be billionaire has also celebrated all of her sisters on social media in recent weeks. In early August, Jenner showed off on Instagram their latest Calvin Klein campaign, calling the images “such special pics.” Ten days later, Jenner posted on Instagram shots of all her sisters arriving for her birthday party, writing, “A bunch of baddies. We’re 21 today.” The joint celebration is evidence that she remains as close as ever with her family.

Conclusion: If Jenner was trying to “steer clear” and keep her sisters at “arm’s length,” she wouldn’t have done an interview with Kendall, interacted with Kim on social media, or posted celebratory pictures of them on Instagram. Of course, the famous family does have their tiffs, which often play out on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” But it’s apparent through Jenner’s own actions that she is not “kissing her sisters goodbye.”

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Woman’s Day New Zealand

Kylie Jenner is distancing herself from her family, and a rift has erupted with the Kardashians.


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