Kylie Jenner Did NOT “Expose Her Breasts” In “Wardrobe Malfunction,” Despite Report

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Kylie Jenner Expose Breasts Wardrobe Malfunction

By Shari Weiss |

Kylie Jenner Expose Breasts Wardrobe Malfunction

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Kylie Jenner did NOT “expose her breasts” in a “wardrobe malfunction,” despite a sensational new report. Gossip Cop can easily debunk the story.

On Saturday, MediaTakeOut breathlessly exclaimed, “MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE PICS: It Happened… Less Than ONE MONTH After Kylie’s 18th Birthday… She Has A Wardrobe MAFUNCTION… And ‘ACCIDENTALLY’ Exposes Her Breasts!!! (Warning – GRAPHIC Pics).” Of course, the photos neither show Jenner’s boobs nor any kind of wardrobe malfunction.

Nevertheless, the webloid, which is apparently challenged not just when it comes to facts but also anatomy and fashion, went on to write, “ has been wondering HOW LONG before Kylie Jenner exposes her NEKKIDNESS… like all the other Kardashians in her family. Last night it happened. You see, Kylie wore a SEE THROUGH bra… and an open blouse. And MIRACULOUSLY her tiddays popped ou in front o fthe [sic] paparazzi while they were snapping pics.”

Please. If Jenner actually had a “wardrobe malfunction,” everyone knows outlets other than MediaTakeOut would be reporting on it. But the reason why the site is the only one claiming Jenner’s breasts were “exposed” is the same reason why it has earned the nickname “MediaFakeOut.”

Yes, Jenner wore an open top. And yes, her bra was visible — on purpose. But never at any point is actual breast “exposed,” aside from just some cleavage skin, much like she’s shown countless times before. Most incredibly, though, MTO said Jenner wore a “see through bra” and posted a picture of it (see below)… except the bra isn’t see-through at all.

It actually has white fabric underneath a mesh overlay, and that whiteness is apparently what the site is mistaking for Jenner’s “exposed” boob. In addition to needing a clue, it seems MediaTakeOut could also use a pair of glasses, too. So, in sum: No nudity, no wardrobe malfunction, just the webloid making a fool out of itself again, all in a desperate bid for traffic.

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