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Pregnant Kylie Jenner is an "emotional wreck," according to a report. The story alleges the star is feeling "alone" and is "tired" of hiding her pregnancy. But Gossip Cop can point out a number of flaws and red flags in this article.

RadarOnline claims "stress created from a top-secret pregnancy is starting to take its toll" on Jenner, who is expecting her first child with Travis Scott. A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Honestly, Kylie is just an emotional wreck right now. She does not know what to do or who to trust, and she is just so vulnerable right now." It is not explained why she would have trouble trusting people right now, nor is it acknowledged that it's completely normal for pregnant women to be emotional.

Rather, the webloid alleges, "The makeup mogul's youth and inexperience in the face of an enormous change may be to blame for the breakdown," with its supposed insider claiming, "Her age is really starting to show." This alleged snitch goes on to describe Jenner as "scared," contending, "She does not know how to be an adult, let alone be a mother. She's feeling so alone!" Again, the site does not address that feeling scared and alone during pregnancy aren't uncommon feelings.

Instead, the online publication suggests the reality star is in a unique situation because momager Kris Jenner "has been too busy to give her needy daughter all the attention she craves." The "source" asserts "Kylie is trying to rely on Kris, but Kris has made it clear she simply does not have the time to deal with it," yet never explains why the matriarch wouldn't have time to support her pregnant daughter.

The outlet goes on to allege that Jenner "has been growing impatient of staying low-key after years of shining in the spotlight" and is no longer on board with her mom's purported plans for a "big pregnancy reveal." Maintains the alleged tipster, "Kylie is just tired of being in hiding. She hates the fact that she has to keep it a big secret for Kris." It is not explained why Jenner simply can't show off her pregnancy if that's what she actually wants to do. RadarOnline also doesn't acknowledge that she wasn't exactly "in hiding" when she stepped out in public days ago and even posted a full-body photo on Snapchat.

Line by line, there are problems with all the allegations in this story. But that didn't stop HollywoodLife from picking it up, blaring in its own headline, "Kylie Jenner Fed Up With Keeping Pregnancy 'A Secret' — Her Face-off With Momager Kris." The original RadarOnline report doesn't actually say anything about a "face-off" between mother and daughter. And HollywoodLies, as its known, copied and pasted the claims about Jenner being "tired" of hiding her pregnancy despite previously running its own "exclusive" in which it was claimed, "She's loving the attention of everyone wondering about her pregnancy, she's having fun teasing people."

Now the blog is saying the opposite, just because another webloid said so. But both of these outlet are untrustworthy. RadarOnline, for example, was completely wrong last year when it outrageously alleged Jenner was planning to leak a sex tape. And in September, the site ridiculously and falsely claimed Jenner only got pregnant to score a second season of her reality show, despite how utterly absurd the notion is of bringing another human into the world just for a few more hours on airtime. So, is Jenner an "emotional wreck" and feeling locked up and abandoned by her mother?

Gossip Cop is told by a family source, who wished not to be identified, that the mom-to-be is experiencing the normal highs and lows that all pregnant women go through. In addition, we're told that she is purposefully seeking privacy right now with overwhelming support from her mom and the rest of her family. There's no crisis like the one being alleged, which is probably why there's so many holes in the contentions.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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