Kylie Jenner: I Did NOT Crash Birthday Ferrari

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Kylie Jenner Car Accident Ferrari

By Minyvonne Burke |

Kylie Jenner Car Accident Ferrari

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Kylie Jenner did NOT crash her brand new white Ferrari on Sunday, hours after boyfriend Tyga gave it to her as a gift for her 18th birthday, despite a new report. The reality TV star took to Twitter on Tuesday to slam the ridiculous claim, telling a concerned fan it’s “just a rumor.”

According to the site Huzlers, Jenner and Tyga got into a car accident after she took the Ferrari for a test-drive following her party at Bootsy Bellows in Los Angeles. The blog claims the accident happened “after Kylie allegedly floored the gas pedal with an open road ahead of her. There was only one problem – the vehicle was in reverse.” The site says instead of the car going forward like Jenner intended, it went in reverse and smashed into another car.

Huzlers then takes a jab at Jenner’s intelligence, writing that when the teen was asked about the accident, she brushed it off saying it wasn’t a big deal because she didn’t pay for the “Lamborghini.” Along with photos of a wrecked white car, the blog notes Jenner’s Ferrari was badly damaged, but she and Tyga escaped the accident without any injuries.

Concerned fans quickly reached out to Jenner to make sure she was OK. That’s when she tweeted the alleged accident was “just a rumor.” The car was also perfectly fine when Jenner showed it off on Instagram Tuesday, before heading off to Mexico (see photo below).

Apparently, Jenner’s supporters didn’t realize that Huzlers describes itself as a satirical website that writes headlines and stories to “shock” its readers. The prank, much like the site itself, isn’t funny.


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