Kylie Jenner Reveals How She Cares For Her Dogs After Neglect Allegations

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By Michael Lewittes |



Kylie Jenner is revealing exactly how she cares for her three dogs just days after being accused of neglecting them. Jenner uploaded a video to her app and website on Thursday where she details everything from what she feeds the dogs to how many times a day she walks them.

Last week, the 18-year-old was accused of neglecting her dogs Norman, Sophie, and Bambi, after posting a video of the puppies on Snapchat in which Bambi’s ribs were visible. Fans quickly accused her of animal abuse, and some even called Animal Control out of fear that the dogs were malnourished. While an investigation into how well Jenner cares for the canines is reportedly ongoing, an organization that specializes in Italian Greyhounds has come to her defense, pointing out that the breed is supposed to be lean.

In Jenner’s new video, titled “K-9 Care,” she explains the meticulous way she mothers her three dogs. The reality star claims she feeds her pooches “organic dry and wet food” and does not allow them to drink from the tap, only filling their bowls with purified water. Either once a day or every other day, she puts raw organic coconut oil in their food because “it makes their coat nice and keeps them healthy.”

Jenner says she likes to walk the three dogs twice a day so they can “get out to pee and do their thing,” and even shares that she likes to wash the pups herself because “they’re really easy to clean.” The TV personality also insists her dogs are “never alone,” and when she travels, there are at least “three people that are like ‘I’d love to take them.'”

Before ending the video, Jenner says the most important thing is to make sure the dogs are “happy” and to give them “a lot of attention and love.” Sound off in the comments and let Gossip Cop know what you think Jenner posting the video after being accused of neglect.


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