Kylie Jenner: “I Wish” Caitlyn Was At My Graduation, But “Respected” Kris’ Decision

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Kylie Jenner Caitlyn Graduation Party

By Shari Weiss |

Kylie Jenner Caitlyn Graduation Party


More than two months later, Kylie Jenner is admitting she wanted her father Caitlyn Jenner at her graduation party.

As Gossip Cop reported, momager Kris Jenner and Ryan Seacrest jointly threw Kylie a bash in late July to celebrate the teen’s graduation from high school. Caitlyn was NOT invited, an issued that emotionally played out on “I Am Cait.” Caitlyn admitted to her ex that she felt hurt to be excluded, and Kris confessed that she was focused on her own comfort.

Kylie herself never commented one way or the other, until now. In a new post on her official website, she writes, “Bruce was a huge part of my life in school… He would drive me 45 mins to and from every day and he never missed a game I had.”

“Some people made a big deal about the fact that my dad wasn’t included in that graduation party my mom threw for Kendall and I, and I did miss Caitlyn being there,” she says. “I wish Caitlyn could have been there, but it’s understandable why she wasn’t and I respected my mom’s decision about it.”

As Gossip Cop has also reported, in the past Kylie has hit back at people on social media for disbelieving she was really a student and hadn’t dropped out. She now says, “I have the diploma to prove all my hard work.” Of course, Kylie was mostly home-schooled in recent years, which she acknowledges was “obviously a lot less social, but it was way easier to manage with my hectic schedule.”

“So we worked around that schedule and I ended up with a situation where I was always 1:1 on with my teacher,” she explains. “This helped me SO much because I was never afraid to ask questions.” But Kylie has fond memories of traditional schooling, too, noting, “I feel like I was friends with everyone. I didn’t really have any ‘big issues’ with people.”

Over the past year, however, Kylie has admitted to struggling with bullying and anxiety as a result of her fame, and even started an anti-bullying campaign last month called “I Am More Than.” In fact, that’s why she’s wearing blue lipstick in the above photo with Caitlyn, which was taken on Monday. Kylie shared on Instagram, “Wearing blue lips today in honor of world bullying prevention. #BlueShirtDay2015 #WorldBullyingPreventionDay.”

She went on, “Spread love & you will receive. Nothing can be done if we don’t do it together!” TELL US: What do you think of Kylie’s comments on schooling and her graduation?


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