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Kylie Jenner did not reveal how "I got my body back," despite a deceptive new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can debunk the report and expose the lies.

The new cover of Life & Style exclaims, "New Mom Kylie: I Got My Body Back!" That line was designed to make readers think it is a quote from Jenner and that she spoke to the gossip magazine about getting in shape in the wake of giving birth to daughter Stormi earlier this month. But the new mom never uttered such a statement and she never talked with the outlet about anything.

Just as misleading are the photos used on the front of the issue. There is a screengrab from the home video Jenner released following Stormi's birth, at which point the publication maintains she was "180 pounds." Then there's an arrow pointing from that photo to a large picture of the reality star in a bikini, with the declaration, "After Only 3 Weeks!" But that bathing suit snapshot was not taken three weeks after the delivery. It was actually taken nearly two years ago. The bikini photo of Jenner is from her 2016 campaign for the Topshop swimwear collection she designed with her sister Kendall.

The tabloid acknowledges inside its edition that it is an old picture, but readers are still being duped since the cover tricks consumers into thinking it's a new post-baby photo when it most certainly is not. As for the article's actual claims, it's alleged the first-time mother has "launched an extreme mission to ditch the pregnancy pounds, but some worry she's gone too far." The magazine maintains Jenner is losing weight at an "almost unbelievable rate," with a so-called "source" alleging, "Kylie is obsessively dieting and exercising."

"Friends are worried and have warned her to slow down, but she won't listen," the supposed snitch claims, adding, "Even [mom] Kris [Jenner] has shown concern about her daughter's new obsession." The outlet goes on to contend that the reason Jenner "went into hiding during the pregnancy" is because "image is everything" to her. Asserts the questionable insider, "There was no way Kylie wanted to be seen in public."

Yet Jenner did show off her pregnancy body throughout the aforementioned home video, which fans can still watch for themselves on YouTube, so clearly she wasn't concerned about people seeing how she looked. Rather, Jenner explained in her statement posted to Instagram earlier this month that she laid low because she wanted to "prepare for this role of a lifetime in the most positive, stress free, and healthy way I knew how." That meant out of the harsh glare of the media spotlight.

That Life & Style is claiming otherwise when such an allegation is so easily disproven, combined with the outright deceptions on the outlet's cover, all calls the credibility of its entire article into question. While the first photos of Jenner since giving birth do indicate she's lost some weight, that isn't necessarily the result of being on an "extreme mission." Simply, eating healthy, exercising and breastfeeding sometimes make the pounds just drop off postpartum women.

As of now, Gossip Cop is assured by a family confidante, who was not at liberty to comment on the record, there's no genuine concern for Jenner's well-being. We're further told the publication's blatant misrepresentation of the star on its cover is just a "lame attempt" to sell magazine copies.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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