Kylie Jenner Accused Of Wearing Blackface — SEE CONTROVERSIAL PHOTOS HERE

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Kylie Jenner Blackface Picture

By Shari Weiss |

Kylie Jenner Blackface Picture

(Instagram/Marcelo Cantu)

Kylie Jenner is accused of wearing blackface in a new photo shoot that has sparked an online debate. The pictures at the center of the controversy were posted on Instagram for sharing by Jenner, the photographer Marcelo Cantu, and others involved with the project, including the Kardashians’ close pal, Joyce Bonelli, who handled the makeup. See below.

The snapshots show Jenner with darker skin, giving some the impression of blackface. The teen’s original caption, “What I wish I looked like all the time thank you,” further made some observers think she was making a statement about skin color. Others, however, said that Jenner’s appearance is more metallic, and suggested that lighting and other factors are influencing how the pictures look. The continued back-and-forth over the issue in each photo’s comment section led Jenner to update her caption to say, “This is a black light and neon lights people lets all calm down.”

But more than 15 hours since the pictures were first shared, the firestorm doesn’t seem to be settling down. Some of the comments accusing Jenner of being racist include:

“As a fellow black person who also grew up with black people and who also faced many issues with racism, I feel offense towards this. The fact that to many people including myself this is a representation of black face and all of the horrible history that follows it, it’s safe to say that it’s more than perception.”
“She is darkening her skin and said she wanted to look like this all the time. I don’t know about you but I don’t think she’d want to look like a glittery person all the time”
“All these non black people defending her let me remind you that it is not your place to tell black people what’s racist and what’s offensive. You don’t have the same history as us, and you don’t have the same experiences as us so your opinion and thoughts on the matter don’t mean a damn thing. And to the new blacks defending this blatant blackface, I’m sorry you let this white society brain wash you.”
“Hate when ppl get mad at black at black women for being offended by things like this. Being told we are selfish or overreacting for not wanting to share a culture we were told we couldn’t have in the first place. Black woman have looked like this literally since the beginning of human history and some white girl does it and all of a sudden it’s cute now? FOH!”
“She is mocking me. In this picture she has big lips dark skin with glitter OVER it so the blackface wasnt too noticeable and her nose looks plump and wide, her eyes have been done to look bigger and her cheek bones done to look high. If it’s just makeup then it would be her more pale skin color with glitter on it not this. This picture looks like a black girl with a red undertone with glitter over her in a dark room. So sad that people are up her ass defending her. She doesnt give a f*ck about you or the people who’s culture she’s spitting on.”
“Even if this isn’t blackface, she still has appropriated black culture”

Jenner was not without defenders, however. Some responses include:

“Okay I’m not not black but I don’t want to offend anyone but seriously this isn’t black face she’s metallic and if she wanted to emulate a darker skin tone let her be you should be proud instead. This isn’t racist in any way I’m really tired of people saying everything is racist”
“Honestly I don’t find this offensive at all Lol. Granted I’m not black but I am Mexican and I really do not believe there was any malicious intent behind this. Plus she’s not even really a color anyway. B*tch looks like a Cullen if anything. #teamsparkles”
“I don’t even like Kylie Jenner, but I really think it’s unnecessary for you people to tell her she needs to take this down because it’s ‘racist’… She doesn’t need to apologize because YOU interpreted it the WRONG WAY. that’s your own fault. This has nothing to do with race… It’s just a picture smh. Why do people always want to bring race into everything? The best way for us to STOP racism is to just treat people fair and kind based on their heart and kindness, not based on appearance.”
“This picture is artistically awesome, has nothing to do with race, it’s YOU the people that wanna make it an issue. People need to stop taking things so personal.”
“Nothing about this says ‘wants to be black.’ I see a lot make up and lighting probably. And technical stuff i know nothing about…..not “black” signed-black girl lol”
“How in the world is she trying to be black with metallic skin an blue eyes contacts? Also, people need to learn the meaning of racist. If by any chance she tryed [sic] to look like she has black skin, why would it be bad? Black women ARE beautiful, you should take it as a compliment”

For the record, Cantu, the photographer, highlighted some of the intended colors in his Instagram caption, writing, “blue/black/white/gold,” and noted, “#metallic #metallicmakeup #glitter #shine.” Another hashtag he included: “alien.” And Chris Dylan, the hair stylist who worked on the shoot, wrote on Instagram, “PEEPS BE GETTING TURNT UP ON THIS SKIN SITCH. BLACK LIGHTS & NEON. Does no body know about lighting ?? #CALMitDOWN.”

Jenner also took to Twitter to respond to the controversy, writing, “So just got the time to head on social media lol.. The photographer used a black light & neon lights for those photos. Yes, In another world I wish I could have pink hair & blue eyes & covered in sparkles. But in this world I’m happy w the way God created me. Happy Easter everybody.” See all the pictures, which were made embeddable, below, and tell us what you think of the debate.



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