A new story about Kylie Jenner being "anxious" to reveal her "baby bump with or without Travis Scott" is made-up. The fabricated article comes courtesy of a site that Jenner herself has slammed for publishing stories about her that are "not true." Gossip Cop is told no one in her world is sharing anything like that with HollywoodLife, an outlet so well-known for manufacturing articles that it's often called "HollywoodLies."

Gossip Cop is not saying Jenner doesn't want Scott to be with her as she goes through her pregnancy. She does, like many women want with the fathers of their unborn babies. Simply, no one close to the beauty products mogul is sharing that with untrustworthy sites. What's interesting about the latest article is that HollywoodLies seems to have finally accepted that Jenner is actually pregnant. Despite falsely maintaining that its has insiders, up until 24 hours ago, the repeatedly discredited outlet would only refer to her "reported pregnancy."

Kylie Jenner Pregnant


In its latest concocted article, HollywoodLies asserts that Jenner "wants to be seen with Travis" and would love nothing more than to go out in public and "enjoy a nice lunch" with him. Wait, go out to lunch with Scott? Didn't the same unreliable outlet last week swear the reality star and the rapper were going to reunite, and Jenner was going to spoil him by cooking "all his favorite foods" as they stayed inside?

HollywoodLies seemingly has no particular insight into Jenner's personal life and pregnancy and just guesses or flat-out fabricates what it thinks might happen with her, while trying to generate online traffic. Remember, it's the same site Gossip Cop corrected when it falsely claimed last year that Jenner and Tyga were getting married. It's also the same outlet that wrongly reported that Jenner got "dumped" by Scott two months ago.

The reality is actually the opposite. Far from being "anxious" to reveal her "baby bump" with Scott or anyone else, Jenner is remaining under the radar and not sharing her pregnancy with the public. We're told Jenner wants to enjoy this unique time with just her family and close friends.

But it's not just Gossip Cop that's called out HollywoodLife for its fake news stories. Even the reality star herself has slammed the site. After the outlet published a wholly fictitious article about her quitting Instagram, Jenner responded on Twitter that it was "not true," and urged her millions of followers, "Don't let em fool you." That was good advice then and it should remain so today.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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