Kylie Jenner Did NOT Crash Ferrari, Despite Austin Mahone Comment

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Austin Mahone Kylie Jenner Ferrari Crash

By Minyvonne Burke |

Austin Mahone Kylie Jenner Ferrari Crash

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Kylie Jenner did NOT crash her birthday Ferrari, despite continued reports claiming she wrecked the pricey vehicle just hours after boyfriend Tyga gave it to her as a gift on Sunday. Austin Mahone recently did two separate interviews in which he alleged Jenner crashed the car, though Gossip Cop has confirmed the supposed accident never happened.

On Thursday, Mahone related on “Watch What Happens Live” that he was at Jenner’s birthday bash at Bootsy Bellows in Los Angeles. “There wasn’t anything too crazy, but just being there was pretty cool,” said Mahone, adding, “She got a Ferrari for her birthday, which is insane. I heard she crashed it, though, the next day.” Mahone later told “Entertainment Tonight” the same inaccurate story, saying, “I think she crashed it, too, which is pretty crazy. I saw that on Twitter. I was like ‘What?!'”

Earlier this week, however, Gossip Cop busted this rumor, noting the car accident story originated on Huzlers, a satire site that admits it writes headlines and stories to “shock” its readers. According to the fake story, Jenner and Tyga took the car out for a test-spin after the party and “Kylie allegedly floored the gas pedal with an open road ahead of her. There was only one problem – the vehicle was in reverse.” The faux news site adds that while in reverse, the Ferrari smashed into another vehicle.

Jenner herself also slammed the report, tweeting Tuesday to a concerned fan that it was “just a rumor.” The teen later posted a photo of her Ferrari, without any damages, parked at a private airport hangar.

Hey Mahone, what’s the point of following Gossip Cop on Twitter if you’re not going to get our accurate reporting?


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