A new story claiming Kylie Jenner is "inspired" by Ariana Grande and is "pressuring" Travis Scott to "pop the question" was made-up. Not only does it conflict with prior reports from the same site, it also goes against reliable reporting from more reputable outlets. Gossip Cop can bust the fabricated article.

According to HollywoodLife, Jenner is "jealous" over Grande "getting engaged with a massive diamond ring," and the website purports to have "exclusive details on how she wants the same" from Scott. It's alleged Jenner is "envious" of the singer, and "wondering why" her own boyfriend of one year "hasn't popped the question and given her a giant diamond ring." A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Kylie is now pressuring Travis to pop the question ASAP and she wants a massive ring too."

"Kylie doesn't understand what Travis is waiting for," the blog's supposed snitch goes on to contend, "They love each other, have a baby together and have been together long enough. She is frustrated the Travis is making her wait." It's further asserted that Jenner "finds it so romantic that [Grande's fiance, Pete Davidson] proposed to Ariana after only a few weeks dating and she wants Travis to step up and do something romantic for her too."

These contentions are a stark contrast to a March report from this same online publication, in which it was claimed Jenner "turned down" Scott's marriage proposal. At the time, HollywoodLies, as it is known for its tendency to manufacture phony tales, insisted the reality star was "not ready" to wed and wanted to "take things slow," particularly since they "rushed into" the relationship. Yet this new piece makes no mention of Scott having previously proposed and Jenner rejecting him. In fact, the latest article, about her being frustrated by a lack of a proposal, is pretty much the exact opposite of the old one.

And that's not all. Also in March, the blog ran a story claiming Scott "desperately" wanted to get married and was "begging" Jenner to elope, but she was "holding out." That also conflicts with this current narrative, which puts the blame for no engagement solely on Scott when it both prior reports, it was Jenner who didn't want to take the next step. Now HollywoodLies is acting like it never made those previous contentions. Why aren't the website's stories consistent? Because the outlet seems to make it up as it goes along.

Credible publications don't do that. People, on the other hand, a respected magazine, has repeatedly reported that though Scott has "stepped up" with Jenner when it comes to co-parenting their daughter Stormi, there has still not been talk of an engagement. E! Online similarly reported last month that while Scott and Jenner are "stronger than ever," the couple is "not quite at the trading vows and pledging forever stage," and is in "no rush to get married or even engaged."

It's also worth noting that Jenner hasn't said anything publicly about Grande's quickie engagement. The notion that that some unnamed, untraceable "source" knows how it is affecting her romance with Scott and is sharing that personal information with HollywoodLies simply isn't believable given the site's track record. Rather, it's readily apparent this is yet another made-up story that can't be substantiated.


Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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