Kylie Jenner Posts Anti-Vaccination Photo

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Kylie Jenner Vaccination

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Kylie Jenner posted an anti-vaccination photo on Saturday, but quickly deleted it after getting slammed on Twitter. Jenner gave no explanation behind her controversial tweet, nor has she addressed why she removed it. Gossip Cop has a screenshot below of Jenner’s anti-vaxxer message.

On Saturday night, Jenner tweeted a photo of a child getting a vaccine, with the caption, “Lack of food. Lack of shelter. Lack of clean water. But don’t worry… Billions of Dollars in Vaccines Have Arrived!” The reality teen seemingly was expressing her support for the anti-vaccination movement, which believes immunizations can cause a variety of illnesses as well as autism. It should be noted that the vast majority of medical practitioners have dismissed the link between vaccinations and autism, and strongly urge children to get vaccinated for a number of diseases, which have been virtually eradicated in the United States.

Suffice to say, even though Jenner’s anti-vaxxer message was up briefly, it received swift backlash. A Twitter user with the handle @RyanTee82 wrote, “Kylie Jenner apparently just came out as an anti-vaxxer. I wonder who told her to be? Tumblr?” A user named ‎@drowningmp3 expressed, “kylie jenner being anti vaxxer is like the least surprising thing ever,” while another person with the account name @fearlessamy13 groused, “@KylieJenner don’t tell me you’re an anti-vaxxer.” Gossip Cop has reached out to Jenner’s rep for clarification about Jenner’s stance on vaccinations.

Kylie Jenner Vaccination

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