Kyle Richards Slams RadarOnline: “Stop With The Invented, Inaccurate Stories!”

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Kyle Richards RadarOnline

By Shari Weiss |

Kyle Richards RadarOnline

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Kyle Richards is calling out RadarOnline for its sensationalized and facts-challenged stories.

In the last few days, the webloid has published a number of pieces about the rift between Kyle and her sister Kim. And on Thursday, just hours after Kim was arrested, RadarOnline was at it again. As Gossip Cop reported, Kim was taken into custody for trespassing, being drunk in public, resisting arrest, and battery on a police officer after an incident at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

RadarOnline quickly jumped on the situation, using it to post yet another story about the sisters. “No Hope? Kyle Richards Still Refusing To Speak To Sister Kim After Her Arrest,” blared the headline of the site’s latest article, which went on to say, “Kim Richards’ shocking arrest has put her already distressed family into full crisis mode. But despite the dire situation, has exclusively learned that her estranged sister Kyle Richards is still refusing to speak with her!”

The outlet quoted a so-called “source” as saying how Kyle “wasn’t shocked” at her sibling’s arrest, and wants their other sister, Kathy, to help Kim, rather than speak to her herself. But according to Kyle, RadarOnline has no idea what’s ACTUALLY going on within the family.

The reality star took the webloid to task on Twitter on Thursday evening, writing, “@radar_online please stop with the invented, inaccurate stories.” Gossip Cop will hereby like to second that motion.


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