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Kurt Russell isn't married to Goldie Hawn, yet their relationship has lasted decades longer than most celebrity romances. They have one child together and for all intents and purposes, Russell is the father of Kate Hudson and her brother Oliver, both from Hawn's previous marriage to Bill Hudson. So why have they lasted for so long in an industry that often chews up relationships and spits them out? Hint: it's more than just love.

Kurt Russell And Goldie Hawn's Relationship Has Changed Over Time

The couple work so well together because yes, they obviously love each other, but they also make every effort to support each other and consciously be involved in each other's lives. In an interview with GQ, Russell was asked about their relationship. The Hateful Eight star replied, "That kind of stuff between men and women is endlessly fascinating. Because I don't know of anything in the world in terms of human beings that has more value than that relationship. It's truly powerful, and as you get older, any kind of change in either one of you is immediately noticed."

The interviewer follows up by asking Russell if it gets harder or easier as they get older and his answer is as honest as you could expect - it's both. "In some ways it gets easier, and in very, very, very deep human ways it honestly gets harder. That's my thought on that. There's some things about it that when you were younger you wouldn't have put up with, and there's other things that don't even bother you anymore that just drove you crazy when you were six months into a relationship, because now you understand it."

Goldie Hawn And Kurt Russell Are Alike In Many Ways

Relationships, like people, evolve, but some things remain constant. Russell notes, "My relationship to Goldie—I just always like to find the things that are just positively unique, adorable." The two have a very symbiotic way of looking at the world, the actor shared. "What's great about Goldie, she's a very immediate person and I'm pretty immediate too. I'm pretty 'right now this is what's happening.'" This is reflected in how much he cares about each moment, like when he talks about an upcoming trip to visit Hawn as she is shooting a film in Hawaii. "She's going to be at work, I'll go to the hotel, I'll know when she's coming home, and I'll try to look good. It'll matter to me. And I'll be excited to see her."

Despite Russell and Hawn being in the tabloids regularly for phony reports predicting the demise of their relationship, Russell hardly notices. He doesn't read the tabloids and when he happens to catch a headline in line at the supermarket, he easily dismisses it. That was almost certainly the case when OK! falsely reported in November that the couple had split. Gossip Cop debunked the bogus article and sure enough, months later it's clear who's reporting was more accurate.


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