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With a relationship that nearly spans four decades, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn are legends when it comes to celebrity romances. The length and unusual structure of their relationship has always drawn scrutiny from the tabloids, even to this day. Here are just a few of the rumors about the long-lasting love between Russell and Hawn that Gossip Cop has debunked.

This past May, the Globe incorrectly reported that Russell had broken up with Hawn with a phone call. According to the tabloid's dubious sources, Hawn had been looking for a fitting engagement ring in the weeks before Russell supposedly dropped the news on her. Of course, the outlet didn't provide any details about why exactly the actor would dump his partner of 36 years.

Although the whole idea was sketchy, Gossip Cop checked with a source close to the couple. We were assured there was no breakup and that things were just fine. Social media posts from Hawn pointed to nothing but love for Russell.

In June, the Globe claimed Russell and Hawn took a vacation meant to "save" their relationship. The outlet's "insider" referred to the couple's holiday as a "last-ditch, make-or-break" attempt to salvage their relationship, with the entire ordeal being "all about Goldie and Kurt." The tabloid argued that the two had been "bickering endlessly" and needed the trip to "prove that there was still love and enough fun" in their relationship.

The publication was completely wrong in its assessment of the stars' trip. It was part of a family vacation they took with their daughter, Kate Hudson, and her partner, Danny Fujikawa. Hawn's social media posts from June were again complimentary and loving, with no signs of the Globe's claims of a fracturing relationship. The outlet seemed to have realized how wrong it was in May about the two splitting up and published this newer rumor to backpedal.

In September, the National Enquirer said Russell and Hawn were preparing to wed after witnessing their son's wedding. The outlet argued that the long unmarried partners were inspired by their son, Wyatt, and his Labor Day wedding to finally tie the knot themselves. According to the magazine's sources, the two were "impressed" that their son "embraced marriage" and additionally wanted to ensure that his kids knew their grandparents were also married. The tabloid even claimed Hawn and Russell were specifically planning a Christmas wedding to help "ring in the New Year."

However, the publication never explained why Wyatt's first marriage didn't inspire the couple to wed. It also glossed over the fact that their son doesn't have any children, so there aren't any grandkids that need an explanation. Hawn's two children from her previous marriage have children of their own, but the tabloid never even referenced them. Plus, Gossip Cop's source close to the two assured us the rumor was bogus.

Just one month later, the Enquirer published a different story about Hawn "demanding" Russell marry her or else she'd leave him. This time, the tabloid claimed Hawn's "health scares" and her son's wedding made up her mind about marriage after nearly four decades of avoiding it. The outlet again dragged up the idea of Hawn wanting to explain to her future grandkids that their grandparents were married, before declaring that if Russell didn't get down on one knee, Hawn would find someone else that would.

In reality, however, it was just the tabloid's attempt to backpedal on their previous "report" about the two getting married. The outlet again refused to acknowledge the fact that the couple are already grandparents or that this was their son's second wedding. Hawn and Russell have made it clear that they don't want or need a marriage license to know they love one another, and no amount of made-up gossip will change that.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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