Kurt Cobain Alive Rumors NOT True

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Kurt Cobain Alive Rumor

By Shari Weiss |

Kurt Cobain Alive Rumor

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Kurt Cobain is NOT alive, despite rumors spreading online. As hard as it is for some to accept, the Nirvana frontman is indeed dead and has been since 1994.

But the Mirror is helping to spread speculation to the contrary. On Monday, the British tabloid published this headline on its website, “Is Kurt Cobain ALIVE? Nirvana frontman ‘spotted’ in strange live video performing Come As You Are.” The outlet explains, “Fans have been baffled by a clip of singer Ramiro Saavedra performing one of the iconic grunge group’s biggest hits. The star bares a remarkable resemblance to the pioneering late musician, and sounds exactly like the original as he belts out Come As You Are for a show in April 2012.”

In other words, the paper is giving attention to a four-year-old video of someone who is NOT Cobain. And though the Mirror calls the reaction to the footage “outrageous,” it gave credence to the rumor by writing about it as a legitimate conspiracy theory. In fact, it’s almost like the way HollywoodLife covers celebrity death hoaxes.

Rather than reporting straight-out that such-and-such celebrity hasn’t in fact died, the webloid teases readers with the possibility that the star in question is really dead. And in this case, we have an outlet teasing the possibility that the deceased celeb is alive. Both situations are manipulative, misleading and duplicitous. Cobain is not alive. Anything suggesting otherwise is a hoax, period, and should be called out as such from the start.


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