Kristen Wiig Sings About “First Thanksgiving” In ‘SNL’ Monologue – WATCH VIDEO

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Kristen Wiig SNL Monologue

By Michael Lewittes |

Kristen Wiig SNL Monologue


Kristen Wiig opened her “SNL” monologue by saying she loves Thanksgiving, and that she’s a “turkey freak.” She then said she wanted to sing a song about the “first Thanksgiving” in “ancient Egypt.” The song was factually all incorrect, and featured lyrics about Vikings showing up in a double decker bus, Napoleon, Santa Claus, FDR and more. See the video below of Wiig’s “Saturday Night Live” monologue, which also featured Steve Martin and Will Forte.

This is the second time Wiig has hosted “Saturday Night Live.” This first time she hosted was on May 11, 2013, which she noted in her monologue was “11 months and 30 days” after she left the sketch comedy show. For that monologue, she sang “I’m So Excited” about her return, and was joined by then-cast members as well as by Jonah Hill and Maya Rudolph.

Wiig was on “SNL” from 2005 through 2012 and was known for a number of memorable characters, including a michievous schoolgirl named Gilly, an overzealous Target employee, and a woman who tried to one-up everyone during conversations. The comedienne also often impersonated such stars as Kathie Lee Gifford and Suze Orman.

Her return to “SNL” comes seven weeks ago after the release of her latest movie Masterminds. The comedy, based on an unsophisticated 1997 robbery, also stars such other “SNL” cast members (past and present) as Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Jason Sudeikis, and Zach Galifianakis.

To see Wiig’s “SNL” monologue in which she sang a song about the “first Thanksgiving” that was all factually incorrect, watch the video below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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