Kristen Wiig On “Mission To Unseat” Amy Schumer – Real Or Rumor?

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Kristen Wiig Amy Schumer Jealous Feud

By Michael Lewittes |

Kristen Wiig Amy Schumer Jealous Feud

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Kristen Wiig is not on “a mission to unseat Amy Schumer” as the “funniest woman in Hollywood,” despite a wholly manufactured report, which shamefully tries to pit the two comedic actresses against each other. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this fabrication. We’re told there’s “zero truth” to the story.

According to OK!, Wiig wants to be “on top of the heap” of female comedians. The tabloid quotes one of its questionable sources saying in fake-sounding language, “Kristen is very competitive. Before Amy’s rapid rise, she was known as the funniest woman in Hollywood, thanks to Bridesmaid, and now she wants to be the biggest and highest-paid comedic actress.”

So, how is Wiig going to execute her grand scheme? In addition to being seen shortly in Ghostbusters and Zoolander 2, the tabloid says she’s writing three “very raunchy” female-driven comedies because that worked for Schumer with Trainwreck. The same so-called “source” adds that Wiig is “determined to show Hollywood she’s the real queen of dirty comedy.”

Not only does the magazine wrongfully pit the two women, who are successful in their own right, against one another, but Wiig is not “aiming for Amy,” as the outlet alleges. In fact, we hear Wiig is happy for Schumer and the recognition she’s received in the past year. What’s more, a source close to Wiig exclusively tells Gossip Cop there is “zero truth” to any of the claims made by OK!. Gossip Cop would like to suggest the tabloid starts aiming for better sources.

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Kristen Wiig is on a mission to unseat Amy Schumer as the funniest woman in Hollywood.


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