Kristen Stewart: Woody Allen’s Fame Is “Different” Than Mine

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Kristen Stewart Woody Allen Fame

By Michael Lewittes |

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Kristen Stewart says Woody Allen’s fame issues aren’t as bad as hers. In the wake of Allen telling reporters in Cannes that the privacy problems stars have with the press, paparazzi, and the public are not “life-threatening,” and that the lifestyles they get to enjoy “outweigh the downsides,” Stewart says her fame is “entirely different” than his.

Arguably, Allen’s personal life has been dissected just as much, if not more than Stewart’s, but the actress feels the landscape has changed since he became famous. Stewart, whose relationships with Robert Pattinson, Rupert Sanders and a couple of women have become tabloid fodder, notes, “Woody is 80-years-old,” and was “famous at a very different time.” Now, she’s harassed by even more emboldened and invasive paparazzi and covered by 24/7 on the Internet by blogs that sometimes fabricate tales about her or rely on ill-informed sources.

“We’ve had entirely different experiences with fame, and the way we consume the reality show that is the entertainment industry,” says Stewart, who’s in Cannes and stars in Allen’s Cafe Society. She explains to the BBC, “It’s like I’ve been cast in a comic book as a character that is fully developed by everyone but me.” And while Stewart feels Allen has had “very different experiences with the paparazzi and being able to walk outside his front door,” she agrees with him that the perks, including tremendous wealth, are a big upside. “He’s right. It’s still worth it, but it’s not that simple,” says Stewart.


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