Kristen Stewart Plays “Whisper Challenge” With Jimmy Fallon – Watch ‘Tonight Show’ Video

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Kristen Stewart Whisper Challenge Jimmy Fallon

By Michael Lewittes |

Kristen Stewart Whisper Challenge Jimmy Fallon

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Kristen Stewart was on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to talk about her award-winning role in Clouds of Sils Maria and to play “The Whisper Challenge.” See the video below.

Stewart first discussed her film Clouds of Sils Maria, and how she won a Cesar Award for for Best Supporting Actress. She noted how she was the first American actress ever to win what is France’s equivalent of an Oscar.

As Gossip Cop has been reporting, Stewart keeps collecting awards for her performance in Cloud of Sils Maria. On Monday, she picked up the Best Supporting Actress award from the New York Film Critics Circle Awards, and on Sunday, Stewart was awarded Best Supporting Actress by the National Society of Film Critics.

Like her previous appearances on the “Tonight Show,” once again Fallon made Stewart play a game. This time, the two played “The Whisper Challenge” in which one contestant wore a set of headphones with loud music playing, while the other read a random phrase off a card. The person with the headphones then had to guess what the other person was saying. Stewart, while wearing the headphones with the blaring music, had a hard time understanding Fallon when he read off a card, “Say Hello To My Little Friend.” Instead, she said a few words that had to be bleeped.

Incredibly, Fallon somehow or another knew Stewart had said, “How Much Wood Would A Woodchuck Chuck If A Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood.” Stewart fared a little better when Fallon read, “Kung Fu Panda.” At first, she thought he said, “Call the fruit back,” but then she guessed the right phrase. Fallon also didn’t struggle too hard when Stewart had him guess, “Alright, Alright, Alright.”

Last year, Stewart played “Ring Around The Nosy,” in which she and Fallon wore plastic elephant masks and had to scoop up rings with just their mask’s trunks. And this past summer when Stewart was a guest, she played “Word Blurt.” The premise of that game was Stewart and Fallon each looked at cards with words on them, and had to blurt out the first thing on their minds to see how closely they thought alike.

Check out the video below of Kristen Stewart talking about Cloud of Sils Maria and playing “The Whisper Challenge” on the “Tonight Show.”


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