Kristen Stewart, Vanessa Bayer Kiss Making Totino’s On ‘SNL’ – Watch Video

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Kristen Stewart Vanessa Bayer Totinos SNL

By Michael Lewittes |

Kristen Stewart Vanessa Bayer Totinos SNL


Kristen Stewart made out with Vanessa Bayer in a “SNL” sketch during which they played women making Totino’s pizza rolls for their men, who were watching the Super Bowl. Watch the wild “Saturday Night Live” video below.

The sketch began with a guy asking his wife (Bayer) to make more Totino’s for the Super Bowl because more of his buddies showed up to watch the big game. A pal of his named Ted, however, brought his sister (Stewart). Bayer was happy that another woman was there to help her cook Totino’s for the men. “More hands to help me make delicious Totino’s pizza,” said Bayer, who instantly fell in love with Stewart.

There were then shots of Stewart twirling her hair, and the two women’s hands touching as they arranged the Totino’s pizza rolls on a baking pan. “I should bring these out,” said Bayer. But Stewart whispered, “No, stay with me,” as romantic music played in the background. When Bayer asked what she should do about “my hungry guys,” Stewart pressed, “What are you hungry for?”

“Hey babe, we need those Totino’s. What’s going on back there?” yelled the husband from the living room. Inside the kitchen though, the women were caressing each other, splashing one another with water, and Bayer even saying in French, “I feel we are the only two people on Earth.” When he still hadn’t gotten his pizza rolls, the husband jokingly barked, “What’s taking so long with those Totino’s. You girls making out back there?” And yes, they were. Check out the video below of Kristen Stewart and Vanessa Bayer making out while making Totino’s pizza rolls on “SNL.”

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