Kristen Stewart Is “Least Vain Person You’ll Ever Meet,” Says Jesse Eisenberg

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Kristen Stewart Vain Jesse Eisenberg Interview

By Shari Weiss |

Kristen Stewart Vain Jesse Eisenberg Interview

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Kristen Stewart is the “least vain person you’ll ever meet,” says Jesse Eisenberg. The actor pays the sweet compliment in a new joint interview about their upcoming movie American Ultra.

The Collider chat was conducted during a set visit last year, but is just getting released now. As Gossip Cop reported, the film tells the story of two stoners that get caught up in a killing spree when Eisenberg’s character is revealed to be a secret agent. The project combines thriller, comedy, and romantic elements.

Stewart and Eisenberg previously worked together on Adventureland (see 2009 cast photo above right), and he can’t help but gush about his two-time co-star. “She’s a phenomenal actress,” says Eisenberg, going on to describe how Stewart has a “great sense of humor” and works to “serve other actors.” He further says, “She’s like the least vain person you’ll ever meet and she’s also like a pretty woman.”

For her part, Stewart shares, “I think me and Jesse work in a really similar way. It’s hard to put my finger on it, but our approach is just very similar.” She also says, “I’m really comfortable with him, I feel safe, I would do anything. It’s fun. I think he’s kind of fun to hang out with too, that makes it all a good experience.”

“I jumped at working with Jesse again. We really had a good time on Adventureland a couple of years ago,” the actress notes elsewhere in the interview. “And I’ve sort of declared that we should definitely make a movie every five years. So in keeping with that, I jumped on this one.

As for the movie’s unusual plot, Stewart comments, “When this whole thing, this really sweet, basic, simple love story [takes a turn], it’s really incredibly heartbreaking.” Gossip Cop will have more coverage of Stewart and American Ultra as the film’s August release date approaches.


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